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We welcome you back to the blog! If this is your first time visiting this blog, then welcome! If you’re searching for a specific type of game, then feel free to contact me in the ‘contact me’ section! Otherwise, feel free to browse our collection of gaming suggestions!

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What’s New?

  • Added a homepage and an achievement section!
  • Added better Askimet Updates. Some of the comments got cycled as spam.
  • Logo adjustments to fit the name!
  • Added a secret pa-erhh … i mean, there aren’t any secret pages.
  • Adjusted lag issues for some Android users.

This Month’s Featured Game!

The developers at Landfall has just released a huge update for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! The closed alpha of the game features an improved environment, an extra arena and a whole new section of troops called the Neon Factions! Get ready to experience a whole new definition of exciting as you battle through 25 campaign maps and unlock the Neon Factions which contains troops such as a duel-light saber man, gravity dude and so much more! Currently, the closed alpha is still in development and will hopefully be available later.

Wanna download the game? Click Here!