The Forest Complete Guide (Probably)

The forest sets you in an intriguing adventure in desperate search for your missing son, Timmy, who, if i’m not mistaken, has been kidnapped by the aboriginal chiefs who’re just waiting to tear you apart! Craft your shelters! Combine your weapons! Amazing day and night cycle! And so much more!


  • Male aboriginal warriors: Normal male aboriginal warriors are unequipped with any armor nor weapons. They usually dodge your attacks and strike when you’re vulnerable. Wreck less attacking will seal your death.
  • Female aboriginal warriors: the female aboriginal warriors will try to maneuver their way behind you and knock you out in one hit. If they’re wounded or trapped, they’ll cry or shout for help, attracting more aboriginal warriors. AKA the starving cannibal, this aboriginal will eat their fallen comrades in battle due to starvation.
  • Male aboriginal scouts: The male scouts will stalk you back to your base and flee when you get near them. Not moving will eventually make them frustrated and flee.
  • Armsy The Mutant: This mutant has no heads and 6 arms. Armsy is way more powerful then normal aboriginals and takes about 3-4 Molotov hits to kill. It is more resistant to impact and slash attacks.
  • Aboriginal Shaman: The aboriginal shaman has a bunch if legs taped to it’s back and a skull on top of his totm. The Shaman can’t really do much but has slightly more health then the normal males.
  • Aboriginal Chief: The chief can only be found on the end of the story. He has red pain all over him and has a club which does extreme damage to you.
  • Small Neuter Aboriginal: The neuter is exactly like the male aboriginal except smaller and way nimbler. They have the abilities to dodge.
  • Fire Men Aboriginals: These rare aboriginals will actually throw burning tennis balls at you. it causes burn damage and impact damage. KILL ON SIGHT.
  • Virginia the Spider Mutant: AKA the den mother! the spider queen has 2-3 bodies that seems to be struggling from each other. The den mother cannot see you if you crouch. Once seen, it will raise its two front legs and charge in the player’s direction. 2 hits from this mutant and you’ll die when you’re not wearing armor.
  • Cowman the Bull Mutant: Seen usually in the deepest sector of the cave, bullman attacks by charging at the player. It is the rarest of the mutants to show up on the surface.
  • Mutant Babies: the mutant babies can be found in the middle sector of the caves. They usually attack by leaping onto the player with their single legs.

-No images included. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!

Progressing Through The Game ( advice on how to advance faster in game)

The First Night (Night 0)


  • Normal Task: Build a hunting shelter in a strategic place wit
    images (9)
    A hunting shelter.

    h only 1 way in.

  • Normal Task: Build a small fire. Get leaves and keep it lit throughout the night!
  • Normal Task: Hunt for food. Bunnies, reptiles and turtles work.
  • Exclusive Task: Build wooden fence for defenses. Place it on the entrance.
  • Exclusive Task: Get rope, (Important).


  • If you see an aboriginal warrior charging at you, run for the waters.
  • If you see an aboriginal stalker stalking you, stop moving and don’t chase him!
  • Make sure your fire is lit at night at all times.

Advancing (Night 8)

  • Normal Tasks: Complete building your defenses.(Wooded/stone fences)
  • Normal Tasks: Build Stone axe for better combat and efficiency.
  • Exclusive Task: Build Catapult for better defense when the blood-thirsty aboriginals attack you in waves.
  • Exclusive Task: Build a larger camp-fire for longer-lasting fire.


  • As you advance the night, tougher aboriginals come after you.
  • Craft a new weapon/tool from time to time for better combat and wood-chopping.
  • Make a drying rack for more food storage! Meat don’t spoil in drying racks.
  • The Flare gun can be found in the cockpit of the plane with some ammo.

The Finishing Touches (Night 24)

  • Normal Task: Finish covering your walls with wall reinforcement.
  • Normal Task: Find the Katana and Modern Axe in the caves.
  • Exclusive Task: Build on the survival book by now.
  • Story Ending Task: Defeat the Aboriginal Chief and rescue Timmy


  • You should finish the game by Night 30.
  • Aboriginals provide lots of food.

Map of The Island

The map of the island of the game. Kind of inaccurate but hey, at least you have a map.

An inaccurate map of the whole island.


  • The animal trap: The animal trap allows the player to capture bunnies, lizards and rabbits.It allows the player to breed the rabbits but lizards have to be killed. The trap can be build with 31 sticks.


  • Catapult: The catapult is less of a trap. It’s more of an artillery weapon. The catapult can launch Molotov and rocks to the enemy. It might be hard to aim but with practice, it’d be easier. The catapult can be built with 5 logs, 15 sticks and a rope.


  • Explosive Trap: The explosive wire trap can pierce through several layers of wall, so it shouldn’t be placed near your base. The explosive wire trap can be built with 1 stick, 1 explosive and 1 rope.


  • Molotov Trap: The  Molotov trap is similar to the explosive trap but instead of exploding in the animal/aboriginal’s face, it sets a small radius of fire that burns them. The Molotov trap can be built with 1 stick,  1 Molotov, and 1 rope.


  • Dead Fall Trap: The dead fall trap is the easiest to make and least deadly. It’s great to make when you’re in a rush or when resources are limited. Animal or aboriginals will walk through it and get crushed under the log’s weight. Unfortunately, if the aboriginal’s charge through it fast enough, the trap may get activated and not kill them, or it may not activate at all. The Dead Fall Trap is made with 3 sticks and 3 logs.


  • Happy Birthday Trap: The happy birthday trap is far by the glitchiest and useless trap by far. animals or aboriginals may walk through them and sometimes, nothing will happen at all. Or the trap might glitch and the dead body will appear floating. When touched, it revives the aboriginal. It is set on the ground and will spring up and the spikes will pierce the animal/aboriginal. The Happy Birthday Trap is made with 4 logs, 10 sticks and 6 rocks.


  • Noose Trap: The noose trap will, hang an animal or aboriginal from it’s feat when triggered. When the aboriginal is not killed in time, it will either free itself or call for help. The noose trap is made with 3 sticks, 2 stones and 5 ropes.

Note: All traps can be set off by players and will harm or even kill them.

A Happy-birthday trap that is currently inactive.

Fire Constructiion

  • Basic Fire: The Basic Fire is a cheapest fire to build in The Forest. Requiring just 2 sticks and 5 leaves, the basic fire is much cheaper than the fire pit. The basic fire is considerably more limited than the fire pit, as it gets destroyed after a period of time instead of burning out. The basic fire is much easier to build when attempting to cook food during cave exploration, and can be built in transit with the resources a player can carry by themselves.


  • Standing Fire: The second choice for a fire. It provides the camp with more light but unfortunately, you can’t cook food on it. Birds may land on it and smother the fire. The standing fire will NEVER burn out. It burns players or mutants who get too close. It is made with 3 rocks, 4 sticks and 7 leaves.
  • 300px-BonfireDay.png
    An un-lit bonfire

    Fire Pit: The fire pit is the third and the second of the brightest fire. The fire pit provides more light then the standing fire and doesn’t burn out. It can cook food and is made with 4 sticks, 7 leaves and 7 rocks. It can be re-lit twice before it burns itself out. It yields rocks from time to time when it burns out. (Up to 6 rocks).

Bonfire: The brightest of all fires. The bonfire scares of cannibals and can cook food. The bonfire is build with 5 logs, 10 sticks and 20 leaves.


Shelter Construction

  • Temporary Shelter:The Temporary Shelter is a structure that the player builds to sleep in, to regain energy and to get through the dangerous night hours, when cannibals and mutants are most aggressive.Due to the nature of this shelter, it will not protect you from getting cold at night, as well as it will not protect against the rain. To stay warm and dry during the night, you need to build a fire close to this shelter, which will most likely attract unwanted attention of cannibals and mutants. IT can be build with 14 sticks and 26 leaves.


  • Hunting Shelter: The Hunting Shelter is one of several types of shelter in this game. Sleeping in the Hunting Shelter will restore fatigue and save the game.You can’t go inside of this shelter.The Hunting Shelter is made with 6 rocks, 7 logs and 7 leaves. It is the most basic type of shelter although it is recommended to build the temporary shelter first.


  • Log Cabin: The Log Cabin is one of several types of shelter in the game. Sleeping in the Log Cabin will restore fatigue and allow you to save the game inside. After finishing the building, the player can see a home icon from anywhere on the island.You can go inside of this shelter.Since there are two open windows on walls, lighting a fire inside will most likely attract unwanted attention from cannibals and mutants.Since v0.10 it’s possible to build a log cabin on foundations, which allows you to build it far higher than any other shelter, but it also needs more materials to construct. If you decide to build it higher, remember that there is no rope attached to the house, so you need to build stairs and platforms to reach it. The log cabin can be built with 82+ logs.


  • Small Cabin: The Small Cabin (also known as Mid-Sized Cabin) is one of several types of shelter in this game. Sleeping in the Small Cabin will restore fatigue and you can save the game inside. After finishing the building, player can see home icon from anywhere on the island.You can go inside of this shelter.Since there is an open window on the wall, lighting a fire inside will most likely attract unwanted attention of cannibals and mutants.Small Cabin is relatively cheap to build, but does not provide as much space as Log Cabin. It can be built with 13 logs.


  • Tree House: The tree house is one of the safest shelters in the game. It has to built on top of a tree and a rope extending down will allow safe entrance and exit since animals or aboriginals can’t enter the tree house. The tree house is built with 32 logs and a rope.


  • Alpine Tree House: The alpine tree house is a modified version of the tree house requiring less resources to build. It provides great vintage point to scout enemy movements. A fire inside the tree house will attract unwanted visitors. It can be made with 18 sticks, 1 rope and 29 logs.


  • Boat House: The boat house is similar to the raft. It has walls that make it a very formidable shelter. The boat can be made on water which provides MAXIMUM protection. It can be made with 48 logs. The house boat however, can’t sail like the raft and is stationary. Occasionally sharks may swim below the floor.

Note: All shelters can restore fatigue and all shelters enable the ‘sleep’ and ‘save’ ability.

An inside view of the Alpine Tree House.

Boat Construction

  • Raft: The raft is far by the smallest means of transportation on water. When built, the player can control the boat with the left mouse to go forward and right mouse to go backwards.The boat can be built with 4 ropes, 7 logs and 6 sticks. The raft may get stuck on land and it has to be ‘pushed’ back to water.


  • Boat House: The boat house is the biggest means of transportation on water. It is built with 48 logs. A fire can be built inside without burning the boat house. Unfortunately, we can’t save nor sleep inside the boat house without building a bed inside it first. The house boat is accecible and offers protection towards sharks, aboriginals and mutants also.


NOTE: When the boat is traveling on water, some parts of it may be submerged underwater and this part makes you vulnerable to water.

Storage Construction

  • Stone Storage: Able to store up to 20 rocks, made with 20 sticks. Press ‘C’ key to store rocks, press the ‘E’ key to retrieve rocks


  • Stick Storage: The stick holder can hold up 20 sticks. The stick holder is made with 6 sticks. The storing system is similar to the rock holder.


  • Log Sled: The log holder can transport bodies or logs above bodies and water or above land also. Press the ‘C’ key to retrieve logs and bodies and press ‘E’ to store bodies or logs. It can store up to 11 logs. It is made with 21 sticks.


  • Log Holder: The Log holder can be useful to store u logs for future builds. The log holder is made by 16 sticks.

Food And Water Informations

There are many sources of food on the island. One of the first places to gather food is inside the plane, where the player will find food trays, sodas, and booze scattered around inside the wreckage.

  • Food Trays caBooze_inventory.jpgnnot be collected and are immediately consumed. Two of these will fully refill your Stomach and Stamina, so try not to consume all four of them right away. Keeping them as emergency stock is a good idea.
  • Soda (used to replenish fatigue and thirst)
  • Booze (replenishes thirst, but lowers energy)
  • Snacks can be found inside the locked suitcases found throughout the island. To open the suitcases, the player must hit the suitcases with a weapon.

Fish can be stabbed with the spear, lizards, squirrels,birds, and turtles can be killed with any weapon. Deers are hard to hunt. Consider getting a bow. Some types of mushrooms can be digested but some are toxic.

  • Amanita Muscaria which are red with bright spots are venomous. There are only 1 type of red berries in the game so it should be easy to spot.
  • Blueberries are edible. They’re blue and they spawn in 6 groups per plant.
  • Twin Berries are red leaves that gives off small toxic when ingested.
  • Grey blueberries known as snowberries are completely edible.

Limps impaled from the aboriginals are edible when cooked or dried. The heads, arms and legs of any aboriginal are impalable and can be eaten.

Food Building Construction


Disclaimer: The Forest  is the rightful property of End-Night games. I do not claim any part of this game and i do not take credit for the making of this game. I am simply providing a walk through for the people reading this.




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