Black Squad

Play the new and online MMOFPS game made by Gemscool! That’s not the most surprising part, it’s made by an Indonesian Company, Gemscool! Not Ubisoft, Not Blizzard, Gemschool! Continue reading


Unity or Unreal Engines?

Want to make a game? What’s that? Yes? Of course you do! Why else are you here? Now we all know making a good game isn’t a walk in the park and takes time and dedeication. That’s why i’ve found the perfect softwares for you! Continue reading

Happy Wheels

Want a physic and just plain ridiculous game? Well i’ve got the game for you! Yes you! Happy Wheels is a physic game made by Fancy Force! Unfortunately, Happy Wheels can’t be downloaded because of who-knows-what. Instead, click here to play the actual game! It’s bloody, physic-related and best of all…Free! Yes mate! Free! So get strapped into your seats and get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure!

The Game is completely free to play and completely compatible with any computer. Well, almost with any computer specs. Since the game is online and the graphics,settings,blood options are customizable! Continue reading

The Forest Guide #1: Katana, Flashlight & Flare Gun Location

So you’ve been playing The Forest for some time now and you’re probably set there thinking, “where the hell is the katana?” Well no worries mate! ‘Cause i’m here to tell you! So sit back, grab some popcorn and paya attention. Also i do apologize if the instructions are unclear but hey…At least you have a clue now. Continue reading

Pokemon Insurgence

tumblr_ngwmzp9k0q1sryddjo1_1280Are you a Pokemon diehard fan, but you’ve already completed all the Pokemon games and you still want more? Well look no further, because Pokemon Insurgence is the perfect match for you. Pokemon Insurgence combines the original gameplay of the Pokemon Series with an edge-of-the-seat, screen grabbing story, unpredictable story! and as a bonus, there’s a variety of new delta pokemons! Gotta Catch ’em all! Oh, you thought this game was for kids? Think again!

Continue reading