Bio-Shock: The Collection Released!

The new sequal to the Bio-Shock game has been released! Bio-Shock: The Collection! Bio-Shock: The Collection was made by 2k Games and is released on PS4, Xbox ONE and Windows! Get it now! Finally! Am i right? So grab your controllers and  go forth!

The collection includes newly remastered versions of the three titles in the BioShock video game series—BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite—alongside their single-player content originally released as exclusives or downloadable content packs. It’s finally here! Guys! Guys! Get the game! It’s really good!


Disclaimer: Bio-Shock: The Collection is the rightful property of 2K Games. I am not (in any way) claiming the game and Bio-Shock: The Collection doesn’t belong to me. It’s the rightful property of 2K Games and i do not take credit in the making of the game.


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