tumblr_ngwmzp9k0q1sryddjo1_1280Are you a Pokemon diehard fan, but you’ve already completed all the Pokemon games and you still want more? Well look no further, because Pokemon Insurgence is the perfect match for you. Pokemon Insurgence combines the original gameplay of the Pokemon Series with an edge-of-the-seat, screen grabbing story, unpredictable story! and as a bonus, there’s a variety of new delta pokemons! Gotta Catch ’em all! Oh, you thought this game was for kids? Think again!

Set on the distant Torren region, this PC Pokemon fangame boasts Mega Evolution, ALL of the current 722 Pokemon from Generation 1 to 6, an interesting storyline with plot twists, online trading, and even the ever so mysterious Delta Pokemon! It’s got so much content you can’t miss!

The story of the game, perfect. The whole story starts with the disappearance of the First Augur, or the protector of the Torren Region, and a new Augur who replaces him. Suddenly, you wake up on a room, where Darkrai Cultists are about to destroy your memory. Luckily, Mew is there to help you, and so you break out of the base. After that, you soon uncover that cults are trying to take over the region, and you, who has been chosen by Mew, are the only one who can save the Torren region.

Graphics and gameplay? Amazing. Even though  battles are still the same, they come with improvements, too! Ever Mega-evolved in a normal Pokemon game? Or perhaps, equipping your Pokemon with armor? Also, remember Secret Bases from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire? They are also in the game! You can customize your base with all-new cult statues, PokeDolls, and even put functional items there.

Controls don’t suit you? Or maybe the screen’s too small? Try customizing them! The game’s controls are full customizable, and so is its screen size! It really puts the gaming experience to a new level.

Interested? You can download the game here, and it’s completely free!

Game Available On: PC

Currently, it’s still version You can get up to the 6th gym, but there is already lots of content to keep you playing for weeks!

Preferred system specs

Pokemon Insurgence Specs.png


The Game’s Website: https://p-insurgence.com/

The Game’s Wiki: http://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Main_Page

DISCLAIMER: I did not make the game, so you’ll have to thank thesuzerain’s team for that. Pokemon is made by The Pokemon Company, and this game is not associated with the company.

Source: https://forums.p-insurgence.com/t/recommended-system-requirements/6353/2https://p-insurgence.com/

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