The Forest Guide: Katana, Flashlight & Flare Gun Location

So you’ve been playing The Forest for some time now and you’re probably set there thinking, “where the hell is the katana?” Well no worries mate! ‘Cause i’m here to tell you! So sit back, grab some popcorn and paya attention. Also i do apologize if the instructions are unclear but hey…At least you have a clue now.Oh just a side note, this guide is for 0.45 or 0.44 users. The location of the katana on more recent update version are…Unknown… At least to us they are. Now if you just recently started playing The Forest then…Uhmmm… Yoy might want to play a little longer ’cause what you’re about to go through to get the katana is…Harsh. Right, so let’s get into it!

  1. Alright so the first thing you want to do is to find the cockpit. The head of the plane is pretty close to the sinkhole if you know where to go. If you can’t find the cockpit then just traverse the island until you find it…… Or just look in Wikipedia.Image result for The Forest cockpit images


  2. Once you find the cockpit, just look inside for the flare gun. Holy crap is that a dead guy? Anyways, once you find the flare gun, look for the tip of the cockpit and run in that one general direction. Keep going until you find a hole. This is the Dead Cave. Now before going in, be prepared…I’m warning you! Oh…you thought there was an image? Hah! There isn’t! Well…I can’t find any so…yeah. Carry on!

  3.  So once you get prepared with your spears,explosives,molotoves,guns… Wait, there isn’t any guns yet! Well there isn’t…yet! So once you’re down there, walk around for a wile and you should find another rope. Go up the rope and you should arrive on an elevated rock platform. And here comes the hard part… There should be an Armsy ( Arm/Octopus Mutant) around there. Kill that thing. Obviously!

  4. After killing the Mutant, you basically have 2 choices. There should be a crucified man on one side of the cave. If the 3 pale cannibals haven’t dropped down from the ceiling yet then… Good for you! Don’t go there! But if they did then…Kill ’em…I guess? After securing the cave, you should wander around until you find wooden boards on the floor. Follow that boards into a tiny crevice just wide enough to fit you.Image result for The Forest dead cave hole


  5. Now keep walking onwards until you see legs or limps hanging from the ceiling from really weak ropes. Duck under the ceiling and you should arrive into a room with 2 dead people and a fire. On one of the guys, you should find a katana stabbed on his leg. And that’s not the end of it! There’s a crate full of chests! Holy crap mate! Look at all the cash! If surviving an airplane crash,murdering cannibals and traversing into caves result in me discovering a crate full of money, then sign me in! Now that we have discovered the flare gun and the katana, we’ll stil need to find the flashlight! But no worries mate! It’s very near!Image result for katana the forest 0,45

  6.  Look around the room and you should eventually find a boarded up section of the room. Destroy the wooden blockage and behind it, you should find the flashlight!

Note: Sorry for the lack of images in this guide. The creator of this guide (Me) is to lazy to include any! Well…technically speaking i can’t find any and the game takes too long to load up for me so…yeah. I apologize in advance.

Disclaimer: The Forest is the rightful property of Endnight Games. I do not, in any way, claim The Forest as mine nor do i am associated in any way with The Forest (Except for playing it).

PS: Endnight please don’t sue me!




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