The Forest Guide: Katana, Flashlight & Flare Gun Location

So, you’ve been playing ‘The Forest’ for some time now, haven’t you? Of course you have! Who hasn’t! You’re probably sat there thinking, “I’ve heard of this damn katana, but where the bloody dickens is it?” Of course, if you’re not British you probably won’t be thinking in such a… British manner. But no worries! We’re here to help you find the katana, flare gun, and flashlight!


I’ll be honest with you. If you’ve played the game for a considerable amount of hours, you can just skip on ahead because this section is specifically for people who’re new to the game and / or still ready to scream whenever they see one of those… Naked aboriginals. God they’re disturbing.Image result for the forestRight, so if you’re starting out, I suggest you build up your base and arsenal of weapons beforehand. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The enemies you’ll encounter on your way to the holy grail is… Unnerving. Lots of cannibals, chieftains, not to mention those deformed devilish babies and oh god! Armsy and Legsies! Listed below are the bare essentials you’ll most likely need on this expedition. “Need” is such a strong word, but they’ll definitely make your life a lot easier. Trust me.

  • Weapons. Lots of weapons. If you’re playing alone, I highly suggest you bring a spear and a weapon capable of blocking a significant damage. One of each.
  • Molotov, incendiaries or explosives. Two explosives should be enough to take out one of those leg monsters.
  • Food. Self explanatory. If you’re easily lost, I suggest you bring a few batches of food and drinks.
  • Torches. This means sticks and cloth. The cave we’ll be traversing is unusually dark which means… You guessed it! Cannibals and monsters! And you can’t exactly fight these guys in the dark, can you?

Once you’re ready, simply pack all your bare essentials into the backpack and leave out any other unnecessary items in your base / home. You want to be carrying as little as possible to minimize burden.

‘Indiana Jones’ Time!

I’ll make this as brief and painless as possible to read since I know most of you are really pressed for time. There are some key landmarks that, if you know where they are, makes the job twice as easy for you. If you know where the cockpit is, great, you have the flare gun already. If you know where the ‘Dead Cave’ is, skip to number 4.

  1. Find the cockpit of the plane. The cockpit is pretty close to the sinkhole unless the developer has moved it to a new spot. In version 0.44 and 0.45, it should be a 30-second jog from the sinkhole.
  2. Once inside the cockpit, simply look around for the flare gun. You’ll most likely see it between a pair of dead pilots.
  3. Right. Now that you have the flare gun in your pack, you can cross one of those three items off from your bucket list. The next thing you want to do is to look at the direction the nose of the cockpit is pointing. Follow that general direction until you come across a hole. This is known as the ‘Dead Cave.’Image result for the forest the dead cave
  4.  Climb down the rope until you reach an open area. Wander around until you find another set of ropes leading upwards. Climbing the rope you’ll find yourself on an elevated rock platform. If you were to jump down from said platform, you’ll find yourself in a battle with an Armsie and several cannibals. This is where the Molotov and explosives come in handy.
  5. After killing off the unwanted… Guests. You should wander around until you come across some wooden boards much like the one in the picture below.Image result for The Forest dead cave hole
  6. Next, you’ll want to follow the tunnel until you reach a narrow passageway with limbs and arms hanging from the ceiling. Simply duck under the rockery and press onwards. You should arrive in a large open area with 2 dead men, a campfire, and a crate full of money. The katana will be in one of the men’s belly. Yes, gruesome. I know.
  7. Now for the flashlight! Look around the room and you should eventually find a boarded up section of the area. Destroy the wooden blockage and behind it, you should find the flashlight!

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