Black Squad

Play the new and online MMOFPS game made by Gemscool! That’s not the most surprising part, it’s made by an Indonesian Company, Gemscool! Not Ubisoft, Not Blizzard, Gemschool!Delve into the battle field of Indonesia in a completely diverse gamestyle then any other MMOFPS game has ever made. Air-Born! Parachute into the field followed by a diverse amount of arsenals. Assault kit, which has a diverse set of battle field weapons and arsenals such as Landmines, RPG, and a juggernaut suit! Oh you thought that was it? No! There are 3 more completely unique set with different arsenals. Chopper Support, Air-strike,etc.

Over 100+ Arsenal of guns, snipers,shotguns,characters and others! Multiplayer? Sure! Guns? We got plenty! Graphics? Sure! Amazing and BloodyImage result for black squad system specs graphic with satisfying kills! Now you might be wondering, Call of Duty is paid, Battle Field is paid and so is Modern Warfare. But not this game it’s not! It’s free!People world-wide has started playing the game! Also there are tons of more features. Servers are always never down. Graphics are amazing. A completely uniqe game mode with 4 distinct set of arsenal and tools, and best of all, tons of guns!

Interested in playing the game? Download it and sign up in the link provided!

Game Available on PC | Sign up here:

Image result for black squad gameplayImage result for black squad gameplay

Disclaimer: Black Squad: MMOFPS is the rightful property of Gemschool and several other companies related to the production of the game. I do not in any way, claim this game as my own doing/ production.




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