Rainbow Six-Siege: The Game where Tactics Matter!

Rainbo Six-Siege is undoubtly the pinnacle of tactical games! It’s not your everyday game where you’ll just rush forward recklessly! Without tactical planning, you and your team will surely be wiped out in 3 seconds! Why do you think a round usually takes 20-30 minutes? With over 10 different classes of soldiers who’s skill changes the game to several different maps and modes to change things up a bit, Rainbow Six-Siege, deserves a praise.

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For the Better, or For the Worst?

Much controversy has been going around the gaming world regarding Paladins. For the gamers who haven’t heard of Paladins, most people call it an ‘Overwatch Clone’, or an ‘Overwatch rip-off’. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, it has some similarities with Overwatch. And when I say ‘some’, I mean a lot of similarities. But one question still revolves around our minds, is Paladins better, or worse then Overwatch?  Continue reading

The Pinnacle of Perfection!

2016 has been a pretty great year filled with wonders of the games we play! From No Man’s Sky, to GTA V, some classics still hold a special place in our hearts! So with no further ado, I present to you, 2016’s hardest games yet! Ranging from moderately difficult to rage quittingly impossible, here are 5 of the hardest games of 2016 (according to the community).

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The Game Where, You, Control Time.

Superhot! The indie game where, you, control time! Ever wanted to do stunts like Tom Cruise does? Well now you can do it! With Superhot, time only moves when you move, giving you time to survey, plan and eliminate the enemy with precision! Everything kills! everything hurts! Time, is your friend! So grab your guns, grab your vases, or literally anything you can get your hands on! And hurl, punch, slash and shoot your way to victory!

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When Buddies Rumble!

Have you ever had the urge to beat up one of your obnoxious buddies? Then let that urge wreck havoc in Gangbeast! The new early-access game in Steam! Gangbeast combines the fighting mechanic of punching and grabbing with silly rag doll physics that’ll make you crack up! Delve into the world of Gangbeast, where your main goal is to beat your friends up with over a dozen customization applicable to your character!  Continue reading