We need to go deeper! Or do we?

We headerNeed to go deeper! It’s the new indie game made by Deli Interactive LLC! The game focuses on a crew of 2-4 people who are tasked to journey into the depths of the dangerous mutant-fish, filled to find treasures in under-sea caves! Bring friends because this game is depends on the Team-work and effort of you and your friends! Delve into the world of ‘We Need to Go Deeper’ as you and your friends cut and slice through dozens of different monsters in attempt to stave of those squids from breaching your sub!Delve into different levels of the unknown ocean and cut,slice,blast and panic your way to riches by constantly repairing your ship due to attacks and fight mighty bosses!

A Few Amazing Features of the Game!

  • Constantly repair your sub due to monster attacks!
  • Explore dozens of under-water caves and find weapons, upgrades, treasure and last but not least, a bunch of those mutant monsters that just crave for human flesh!
  • Play with 2-4 players! Remember! This game is a Co-op game!
  • Fully functional submarine adjustment settings! Divide the sub’s power to 4 different sections! Shields, engines, torpedo or lights!
  • Fire torpedoes in attempt to stave of those monsters from breaching your sub!

Download the game (Earliest February 6) from steam: Click here!networked_customizable_toad_2014-05-07_23-01-51-68weneedtogo_0

Disclaimer: We Need to Go Deeper is the rightful property of Deli Interactive LLC! I Do not claim any part of the game nor do i, in any way, except for writing this article, associated with the development or the ownership of the game.




  1. Thanks mate! 😀 There’s a gameplay video from Rooster Teeth: The achievement hunters. I think you should check it out :O


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