Town of Salem, The game of Deception!

startscreenJust like Poker, The Town of Salem is a game filled with Deception left and right! There’s a murderer on the loose and the people of Salem has to find out who it is before it’s too late! Play as either the protagonist, which consists of the citizens, medium and several other classes, or play as the antagonist who’s job is to eliminate the people of Salem! Either way, Deception is the trump card of every player in Salem, or is it? And to add to the fun, this game is completely playable online! Meaning that no download is necessary to play the game! So what are you waiting for? Go to the website, make your account and start deceiving people!

 Memorable Features of the Game!

  • Thousands of players from all around the world!
  • Dozens of different classes that have different roles and impacts on the game!
  • Customization and purchasable clothing and costumes in the shop!
  • Fully interactive Multiplayer system with chat!
  • Free to play! It’s playable on the official site of Town of Salem!

Play Town of Salem here: Click here! to play the game now!


Disclaimer: Town of Salem is the rightful product of Blank Media Games. I do not, in any way (Except for writing this article) claim the game or any of it’s content as mine!


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