When Buddies Rumble!

Have you ever had the urge to beat up one of your obnoxious buddies? Then let that urge wreck havoc in Gangbeast! The new early-access game in Steam! Gangbeast combines the fighting mechanic of punching and grabbing with silly rag doll physics that’ll make you crack up! Delve into the world of Gangbeast, where your main goal is to beat your friends up with over a dozen customization applicable to your character! 

Memorable Features of Gangbeast!

  • Silly physics that’ll make you crack up everytime you play!
  • Play with 2-8 Players. Beat up your buddies!
  • Dozens of character customization to freshen up your looks!
  • Simple controls! Grab and Punch your foes to victory!
  • Several different maps to choose from!
  • A few modes to choose from!


Disclaimer: Gangbeast is the rightful product of Boneloaf. I do not, in any way, (Except for writing this article) is associated with this product or any of its contents.


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