The Game Where, You, Control Time.

Superhot! The indie game where, you, control time! Ever wanted to do stunts like Tom Cruise does? Well now you can do it! With Superhot, time only moves when you move, giving you time to survey, plan and eliminate the enemy with precision! Everything kills! everything hurts! Time, is your friend! So grab your guns, grab your vases, or literally anything you can get your hands on! And hurl, punch, slash and shoot your way to victory!

Memorable Features of Superhot

  • Superhot features in future updates! (Pun intended, heh)
  • Use your environment as a battleground!
  • Dozens of Different levels and mods to customize your playing field!
  • Several different weapons and guns to find in the map!
  • Available in a wide variety of consoles, including Xbox One, PC, Linux, Mac and VR!
  • Amazing graphics that make you think you’re in the game!

A Few Notes from Me, to You

The Superhot team is hiring people who’re interested on developing games! Some of the benefits of their jobs include:

  • Provided Snacks and food
  • Helping hands with relocating to the city of Lodz (If you decide to work for them)
  • Excellent, creative team by your side!
  • Working hours adjusted to your convenience!
  • Competitive Salary!

If you’re interested to buy the game, Click here!


Disclaimer: Superhot is the rightful product SuperhotTeam. I do not, in any way, (Except for writing this article), claim any content of the game nor do i claim any part of the development of Superhot.


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