The Pinnacle of Perfection!

2016 has been a pretty great year filled with wonders of the games we play! From No Man’s Sky, to GTA V, some classics still hold a special place in our hearts! So with no further ado, I present to you, 2016’s hardest games yet! Ranging from moderately difficult to rage quittingly impossible, here are 5 of the hardest games of 2016 (according to the community).

1. Dark Souls III

We’re all aware of the rage that Dark Souls III has brought us. Trying to beat a boss over and over and over again! Constantly throwing a tantrum and tossing your PC out the window, Dark Souls III has brought rage and fun to us (mostly rage though).


2.Geometry Dash

Admit it or not, we all have smashed a fair amount of things when we’re playing Geometry Dash. Yes, you too, have screamed in agony and rage when you ram your cube into a spike! or maybe you fell down into a set of spikes. Maybe you jumped to a hacksaw, either way, Geometry Dash is a pretty hard, classic game!


3. Alien Isolation

From characters that got ripped by ‘it’ over and over again, Alien Isolation is truly the definition of ‘tough’. Jumpscares on every corner, getting ripped by ‘it’ 99% of the time everytime you turn a corner and fighting a bunch of androids, Island Isolation, is tough.


4. Super Meat Boy

I don’t even want to talk about this one! Ranging from levels beginner easy, to levels that require lighting fast reflex and split second timing, Super Meat Boy is the prefect game to sharpen your reflexes!


5. Bloodborne

Meet your maker over and over again in this Dark Souls III-styled game that just constantly whispers, “give up already, you can’t win,” in your ear every time! Either way, this game deserves a place in this list!


Disclaimer: All the games mentioned here belong to the respectful producers. I do not, in any way, (Except for writing this article) claim the games.


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