For the Better, or For the Worst?

Much controversy has been going around the gaming world regarding Paladins. For the gamers who haven’t heard of Paladins, most people call it an ‘Overwatch Clone’, or an ‘Overwatch rip-off’. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, it has some similarities with Overwatch. And when I say ‘some’, I mean a lot of similarities. But one question still revolves around our minds, is Paladins better, or worse then Overwatch? 

What’s the Same?

Many things are of similarities between Paladins and Overwatch. Some of which revolves around the character abilities, (Such as a guy with the ability to fly and shoot splash damaging weapons) or (a guy who can cast a shield in front of him and charge forward). Some other similarities include the gamemodes, the gameplay, and pretty much every major aspect of Opaladins-screenshot-1-e1448750170964.jpgverwatch except the designs.

So Which one is Better?

Well that’s for you to decide! On one hand, Overwatch is slightly better in any way possible, but on the other hand, Paladins is free! So, which one is better you ask? That’s for you to choose!

Disclaimer: All the products mentioned above are all properties of the rightful company. Paladins is the rightful product of Hi-Rez Studio whilst Overwatch belongs to Blizzard


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