Rainbow Six-Siege: The Game where Tactics Matter!

Rainbo Six-Siege is undoubtly the pinnacle of tactical games! It’s not your everyday game where you’ll just rush forward recklessly! Without tactical planning, you and your team will surely be wiped out in 3 seconds! Why do you think a round usually takes 20-30 minutes? With over 10 different classes of soldiers who’s skill changes the game to several different maps and modes to change things up a bit, Rainbow Six-Siege, deserves a praise.

Memorable Features of Rainbow Six-Siege!

  • Tactical planning is required! You can’t just charge forward recklessly!
  • Over 10+ Unique Soldiers with different roles and skills!
  • Several different maps and gamemodes to change things up a little!
  • Battlefield/Warzone-like atmosphere!
  • Realistic Sounds and visual effects implanted in the game!
  • Co-operative teamwork is required to win the match!
  • Play in Co-op mode or in PvP Mode!

This Game Has Won Our Vote!

Due to the amazing game mechanics implemented on this game and it’s sheer awesomeness, the Cryogen Team has voted this game a ‘Featured Game’, meaning that this game will be more ‘focused’ then the other games and that more topics will be discussed about this game then other topics.

Interested to Download Rainbow Six-Siege? Click Here!





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