In a world of zombies, what would you do? Gather as much food and water as possible and isolate yourself? Or gather tons of guns and run those damn zombies over? The choice is yours in Unturned! What’s Unturned you ask? Unturned is an apocalypse-themed pixel-graphic game! And that’s not even the best part! It’s free on Steam! Free! Continue reading


The Last Leviathan!

Ever played besiege? Well regardless, imagine Besiege, and put it on water! You get, The Last Leviathan! The Last Leviathan is a ship-building game with slimier mechanics and physics as Besiege! Now here’s the only problem. This game, is too realistic! With over 100 different blocks to build your ships from and over 10 different weapons to blast pirate ships apart, this is the best game to pass some time! Continue reading

Resident Evil 7!

Let me first say that this game… is absolutely full of gory cut scenes. We highly recommend that you don’t play this game if you’re currently 18 years under. Anyways, enough with the warnings, let’s see what Resident Evil 7 has in store for you! Again, let us remind you that the game is absolutely gory! Continue reading

Bring out the FPS!

Having FPS troubles in-game? Can’t enjoy any of those good games because you’re lagging a frame per second? Well fear no more! For we have the perfect program for you! Presenting… Game Booster! This marvelous program, made by Razor Cortex, will eliminate any unnecessary background programs and free up RAM! With this program, you’ll be able to get an extra 10-30 FPS! Wow! So throw away those ‘instant ram’ scam programs, and get the Game Booster for free! FREE! Continue reading

Top 5 Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games!

Nintendo has releasnintendo-switched a couple of games that are plain ‘amazing’ such as Zelda or Mario. These games really brought a new meaning to the word, “fun”. So here are the top 5 most anticipated games to come out in the brand new Nintendo Switch. Some of the games on this list may vary from release date, or are already released! Continue reading

Pokemon Duel!

final_bstSnapshot_72278.jpgPokemon has been known for “flopping” on its mobile spin-offs. Pokemon Go, its latest mobile game, has also declined, once again convincing the world that Pokemon spin-offs may just be fads at best. But maybe, just maybe, it would be able to prove those statements wrong with its newest addition to the mobile market-Pokemon Duel. So what’re you waiting for? Get yours now at Play Store or at The App Store!
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Don’t Escape 2, Seriously, Don’t.

In a Zombie Apocalypse, what would you do? Your friend is injured, you’re tired and the zombies have been marching for days, ready to feast on your flesh by sundown! Traverse around the map, collecting supplies and combining items to further expand their usage! Find new friends! Create defenses and weapons! And see how you fair at sundown! Maybe you’ll survive, maybe you’ll die, or maybe you’ll ditch your friends! Who knows?

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The Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s latest innovation in gaming, has really taken a notice in the gaming world! But the question still lingers in people’s mind, Is the Nintendo Switch really worth the cold, hard cash? With a cost of $299, it’s the perfect bundle of joy that’s portable! The Nintendo Switch has been launched with ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. Continue reading