Don’t Escape 2, Seriously, Don’t.

In a Zombie Apocalypse, what would you do? Your friend is injured, you’re tired and the zombies have been marching for days, ready to feast on your flesh by sundown! Traverse around the map, collecting supplies and combining items to further expand their usage! Find new friends! Create defenses and weapons! And see how you fair at sundown! Maybe you’ll survive, maybe you’ll die, or maybe you’ll ditch your friends! Who knows?

Striking Features of the Game!

  • Online! No download required! Just 3-5 minutes of loading screen.
  • Several maps to explore and find unique items to help you on your journey!
  • Combine items, to expand an item’s usage!
  • A click-and-point game with a dynamic storyline!
  • A Pixel-arted graphic game that gives you a ‘retro’ feeling to the game.

Want to play the game? Just simply Click here!

Want to support the developer? The game has been finished since February 7,2015. If you want to support the developer, (@scriptwelder) at Gamejolt, visit him here!
Image result for don't escape 2Disclaimer: The game is developed by Scriptwelder from Gamejolt. I am not, (in any way, except for writing this article),  associated with the development of the game nor do i take any credit for the game.



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