Pokemon Duel!

final_bstSnapshot_72278.jpgPokemon has been known for “flopping” on its mobile spin-offs. Pokemon Go, its latest mobile game, has also declined, once again convincing the world that Pokemon spin-offs may just be fads at best. But maybe, just maybe, it would be able to prove those statements wrong with its newest addition to the mobile market-Pokemon Duel. So what’re you waiting for? Get yours now at Play Store or at The App Store!


First of all, what is “Pokemon Duel”? This may be your first question after seeing its infamous logo, a Pikachu  eye to eye with Ho-oh (poor Pikachu). Imagine a Pokemon board game, fused with a system of capture the flag, involving spinners. Hard to visualize? It may be a bit hard to describe, but it is very easy to learn and play. In this game, you have to move Pokemon “figures”, or statues of Pokemon, to the opponent’s territory (or the space with a flag drawn in it).

Along the way, you’ll also have to block the opponent from getting to your base first. Sometimes, they’ll initiate a battle if they’re close enough, which is basically a modified game of “who-spins-the-most-number”. The spinners contain a number of attacks and

blocks, all color-coded. An area of the spinner with blue indicates dodging and blocking, a purple one means a skill attack (paralysis, sleep, poison, etc), a yellow one does a special attack (or attacks that beat purple,too), a white one launches normal attacks to your opponent (It can beat yellow attacks if it has a higher number, but loses to purple attacks), and, lastly, a red one for miss, which is, of course, everybody’s least favourite area.

Another feature are plates, which are basically power-ups. You can equip your deck with plates, which is limited to a total cost number. These plates may prove useful in battles, and moving your Pokemon. One example is the Pokemon Switch, which moves figures from your bench and replaces it with one on the field.

Now you might be saying,”How on earth am I going to get figures and p


lates in the first place?” Two words. Booster Packs. That’s right. Although you may be re-experiencing “nostalgic moments” from Pokemon TCG, think again. The “booster packs” in Pokemon Duel are different from the ones you may have bought for the Trading Card Game. Instead of giving a set of cards, booster packs only give a total of 3 figures at the most, and the rest are ingots to sell for money, and/or cubes for leveling up Pokemon. The booster packs are actually more similar to the chest system in Clash Royale, and also rewards you with a “Locked Booster” if you collect 10 “keys”, which you actually earn from playing matches (3 for wins, 2 for draws, and 1 for loss). This is repeatable twice a day.  And yes, this also means that the booster packs also take time to open, ranging from 1 hour(White Booster Packs) to 1 day(Rainbow Booster Packs). You can also buy booster packs that contain EXs from the shop for rubies.

Another seemingly suspicious feature of Pokemon Duel are “Leagues”. Each battle you win gives you  points, which accumulates over time. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will level up in your league. Seem familiar enough? *cough*Clash Royale*cough*.

Another question you probably have in your mind is on how to level up. It’s actually very easy! You just fuse them! Now, this may seem strange, as fusing two different Pokemon seems absolutely disgusting and horrifying, but don’t worry. THEY WILL NOT CHANGE SHAPE! Instead, the target Pokemon’s experience will increase, and leveling up does give you a very good advantage; stretching areas in your spinner and decreasing “Miss”. Besides using other Pokemon, you can also fuse Pokemon with Cubes (which sounds really wrong) as I mentioned when explaining about booster packs.

Worried about having no money in your wallet? Well don’t be, because the game is free, and available to download now!For Android users, you can get it here. IOS players can get it here.What are you waiting for? Go and download it now!

Disclaimer: Pokemon Duel is part of The Pokemon Company, and Clash Royale is a property of Supercell. I am in no way affiliated with the two.


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