Bring out the FPS!

Having FPS troubles in-game? Can’t enjoy any of those good games because you’re lagging a frame per second? Well fear no more! For we have the perfect program for you! Presenting… Game Booster! This marvelous program, made by Razor Cortex, will eliminate any unnecessary background programs and free up RAM! With this program, you’ll be able to get an extra 10-30 FPS! Wow! So throw away those ‘instant ram’ scam programs, and get the Game Booster for free! FREE!

So What’s Game Booster?

I’ll make it as simple to grasp as possible. Game Booster eliminates any background programs/applications that’re currently running and free up wasted RAM. This way, the excess RAM could be used to increase the game’s FPS.Interested? Download it Here! And that’s not the best part! Its only a few hundred megabyte big! Plus it’s free!Related image

Disclaimer: Game Booster is the rightful product of Razor Cortex. I am not, (in any way) associated with this product except for writing this article.


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