Resident Evil 7!

Let me first say that this game… is absolutely full of gory cut scenes. We highly recommend that you don’t play this game if you’re currently 18 years under. Anyways, enough with the warnings, let’s see what Resident Evil 7 has in store for you! Again, let us remind you that the game is absolutely gory!

So What’s So Good About the Game?

Let’s see… How ’bout everything! The graphics are extremely realistic and the fighting mechanics are revolutionary. Crazy hard bosses with a side of an intriguing story-line, Resident Evil 7 is the perfect game to keep you up all night! Also, just a lil’ side note, you might wanna play this game with some friends. In the morning. With all the lights on. Seriously.



The story starts with you! You’re Ethan, in search of his wife who’s been missing for about 2 years. One day, you get a peculiar message from your wife stating to forget her. After being overwhelmed with curiosity, Ethan went to investigate the mysterious house on which the message was sent. Ethan finds out that the house is currently owned by a lunatic family known as the Bakers. Jack Baker, (the father), starts chasing you and Mia, (your wife), starts experiencing insanity and began attacking you. Now, you must find a way to escape this dreaded place and hopefully find a way to cure Mia.

Pros & Cons!

  1. Pros: Amazing visual cut scenes and graphics!
  2. Pros: Tons of weapons to blast, torch and stab your enemies away!
  3. Pros: Tons of puzzle systems which needs some mental work!
  4. Pros:Gripping storyline and a terrifying backstory accompanied by horrifying characters!
  5. Cons: Incredibly Violent.
  6. Cons: May be incredibly hard for beginner FPS players.
  7. Cons: Very limited and hidden resources.
  8. Cons: Constant references to the wiki on how to proceed through the game.
  9. Cons: Jumpscares everywhere. Seriously.


Jake Baker: Father of the Baker Family and husband of Marguerite Baker. Jack has been infected with Eveline’s Gift and is now insane and currently finding various ways to tear Ethan limb from limb. Also he’s really hard to kill for some reason.

Marguerite Baker: Infected Mother of the Baker Family and wife of Jack Baker. Marguerite can supposedly ‘summon’ bugs to her advantage and attack the player in a ‘spider’ form. Marguerite is usually seen carrying a lantern.

Lucas Baker: Not much is known about Lucas, except the fact that he’s Jack Baker and Marguerite Baker’s son. Lucas plays an important role in the game as an antagonist who sets tons of traps around the map and tries to damage the player. Lucas will later trap the player in a room on which you have to escape.

Mia: You’re wife who’s also infected with Eveline’s gift. Yes, she’ll go insane and chop your hand off with a chainsaw. Spoilers. Oops. Sorry. No i’m not. Heh, sorry.

Zoe Baker: Daughter of Marguerite Baker and Jack Baker, Zoe has somehow survived the family’s rampage and hasn’t been infected with Eveline’s gift yet.

Eveline: Not much is known about Eveline. Apparently, she’s constructed as a bio-weapon for Umbrella Corp. She escaped from a ship which was supposed to ship her somewhere. She then landed near the Baker’s property with Mia and infected the whole family because, ‘she wanted a family’.

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Disclaimer: Resident Evil 7 is the rightful property of  Capcom. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the product nor am i claiming any part of the development of the product.




  1. I’ve really been meaning to get to this game for a while now. Hopefully, with both the critical and commercial success of this title, Capcom can keep producing excellent horror experiences and bring the series back to its roots.


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