In a world of zombies, what would you do? Gather as much food and water as possible and isolate yourself? Or gather tons of guns and run those damn zombies over? The choice is yours in Unturned! What’s Unturned you ask? Unturned is an apocalypse-themed pixel-graphic game! And that’s not even the best part! It’s free on Steam! Free!

What’s So Good About The Game?

Well, let’s see… how ’bout everything? From the pixel-styled graphics that give out a retro vibe to the tons of weapons used to blast those zombies away, Unturned is the perfect game to play in a boring day! Build, Craft and survive in this infested world and even use vehicles such as planes, boats and cars to ram those zombies!Image result for unturned

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: A Day-Z styled game wrapped in a retro pixel-arted game!
  • Pros: Due to the pixel-graphic, old computers may be able to run Unturned with decency.
  • Pros: Tons of weapons to blast your enemies away with!
  • Pros: Run over those zombies with planes, boats and cars!
  • Pros: Intractable NPC’s that give out quests and rewards!
  • Pros: Skills! Upgrade your player with various skills!
  • Pros: Generated Structures on 3 different maps that generate different items each time!
  • Cons: Graphics may look ‘crappy’.
  • Cons: May be hard for beginners as the zombies are extremely aggresive.


Not much is known about the storyline of Unturned. Apparently, a zombie apocalypse started and you’re the only survivor left, (if you’re playing on singleplayer). So now, you’re doomed to walk the earth and survive this dreaded world!

A Beginner’s Guide

Forget necessities. What you wanna do first of all, is to find a car and fill it to the brim with gas ’cause you’re gonna be driving a lot! So now, that you have a fully loaded car, you’ll be able to traverse the rugged terrain of Unturned quicker! And as a bonus, you’ll be able to ram zombies without exposing yourself with risk! Mind you that the car can also get damaged and blow up! Watch out for the smoke!

After you got yourself a pretty durable car, what you want to do next is gather some weapon to fend those zombies off! Find a local Police station or a military base! Any gun would do but keep in mind that ammo is very rare and must be conserved. After you got some guns and a working car, now’s the time to venture out and find some food, water and medicine. After you got these 3 steps covered, you’re practically good to go!

So now you’re ready to take on the vast world of Unturned! So what’re you waiting for? Go to Steam, And Download the Game! Or Click Here!


Disclaimer: Unturned is the rightful property of Smartly Dressed Games. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the game nor do i claim any part in the development of the game itself.


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