Git Gud (Minecraft Edition)

I’m assuming that you clicked on this post because you thought, “Hey, I wanna git gud in Minecraft!” Well, today we’re going to talk about PvP-ing specifically. It’s time you showed those pros who’s boss!

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The Swarm is Coming!

Hide your kids, Prepare your guns, because the swarm, is coming to Earth! Welcome to the aftermath of the alien invasion! Grab your guns, choose your class, and prepare to blast those alien scrubs back to wherever they came from! May we present the greatest alien shooter available on Steam, that’s also free! Alien Swarm! Continue reading

The Best Minecraft Resource Pack. Ever. Seriously.

Alright, maybe we’ve over exaggerated the title a little and put a lot, (Ahem), a little clickbait, but this resource pack is borderline awesome. It feels like you’re playing a whole new game! Ever got bored of minecraft? Need that little spark to improve your gameplay? Then we’ve got the thing for you! Continue reading