The Swarm is Coming!

Hide your kids, Prepare your guns, because the swarm, is coming to Earth! Welcome to the aftermath of the alien invasion! Grab your guns, choose your class, and prepare to blast those alien scrubs back to wherever they came from! May we present the greatest alien shooter available on Steam, that’s also free! Alien Swarm!

 What’s The Deal Here?

What’s the deal? Have you seen ‘free’ games on Steam? They’re not that great are they? That is except for one or two of them. And that’s where Alien Swarm comes in! It’s one of the best ‘free’ game on Steam! Alien Swarm is a multiplayer game on Steam with 4 different classes and over 30+ unique weapons to blast those alien buggers to smithereens! And to add to the excitement, there’s a sequal to it! Interested? Well then just Click Here! to download it!

Features of The Game!

  • It’s free. Seriously, how often do you see free Steam games?
  • Multiplayer gameplay is available through LAN or server.
  • Over 4 distinct classes to play with.
  • 50+ weapons and equipment to blast aliens to smithereens.
  • Unique aliens that possess unique abilities.
  • A gripping storyline that’ll keep you glued to your seat for hours.
  • A sequal. That’s also free! Wow!

Disclaimer: Alien Swarm and all the product mentioned above is the rightful product of Valve. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with this product.


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