Git Gud (Minecraft Edition)

I’m assuming that you clicked on this post because you thought, “Hey, I wanna git gud in Minecraft!” Well, today we’re going to talk about PvP-ing specifically. It’s time you showed those pros who’s boss!

The Art of War

First off, let’s talk about tactics. Obviously you can’take just rush a group of players and expect them to lose. And obviously you can’t just go 1 V 5. Well, technically you can, if you’re a real pro. Take players 1 V 1 and think logically. You can’t just go fight a diamond armored guy wearing a leather suit! Take the higher grounds, set up traps and take an infantry with a bow. Use potions, use the terrain, use everything you can possibly get your hands on to win! Heck, maybe even use a horse! Plus you look really cool riding one into battle.minecraft-10-700x393

Looting, Crafting and Raiding

So we got the basics down. The next step is to get the best possible advantage. Getting the best weapon and armor possible is the key to winning. You’ve got 3 ways to get stuff. Crafting it takes time yet it carries no burden of risk. Looting from someone can be a quick way of getting things. Although you might want to watch out who you steal from. You don’t want a pro coming after you now do you? The last and probably the riskiest one is killing a player with stronger equipment and taking their stuff. You’ll obviously want to get better armor, meaning taking on a person with better armor/weapon than you is the simplest way to do so. This carries the greatest risk as the player has better armored or then you. Think the 3rd choice carefully or you might end up dying.

Mastering the Land

Taking on someone with a terrain advantage could always turn the tides. There are various ways to kill someone with the terrain. The most common probably being to push someone off a cliff. Yep, you’re gonna be called a noob for that but, really, who cares! Keep in mind that your purpose is to get better stuff. So killing them with lava may destroy at least 80% of the items. Most often, possessing the higher ground gives you the advantage! (I have the high ground! Star War reference…heh).ffzds1niqojh3gdmj7dx

Trip Trap!

The best way to kill someone is traps! Most traps are built around the concept of suffocation so that there’s a 0% chance of the items getting destroyed. Lava is the most effective one but carries a great burden of destruction. Lava works great, if the person doesn’t have fire resistance! Water is the least effective as it takes at least 30 seconds to actually kill the guy!

When Packs Howl!

Say you’re playing in a faction server and you and  your buddies are about to cross a very well-known and dangerous location filled with tons of players. The chances are that you’ll probably get killed traveling alone. In the other hand, traveling in groups of players may improve  your survivability by a lot. If you were a lone wolf, you wouldn’t attack a group of enemies, would you? You’d be outnumbered! And that’s where this lesson comes in. Decide which may be the best time to travel alone or in groups.

Disclaimer: Minecraft is the rightful product of Mojang. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with this product.

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