Move It!

Family-friendly games are the pinnacle of family fun! Just plop down with your lil’ bro and stay glued to the screen for hours and hours until your mom calls you for dinner! Well then, if you’re looking for a family-friendly game (with blood and gore involved, see the irony?), we’ve got the pick for you! Move or die (made by “Those Awesome Guys,” literally the name of the company), is an addicting game to play with your friends! So what’re you waiting for? Move it! Get the game! Continue reading


Screen Cheat!

Remember those good old days playing Halo on the same X-box? Remember that one kid who always cheats off of someone’s screen? Well now it’s time to put your screen cheating-skills to the test with a brand new indie-game made by Samurai Punk! This one-of-a-kind indie game will surely have you and your buds glued to the screen for hours and hours! Continue reading

Nintendo Switch: Another failure?

Has Nintendo Switch really taken a turn for the worst? After successfully nailing the first weeks of its sales, it looks like all the hype and anticipation has really gone down, washed away and replaced by disappointment. Was it the lack of games? The lack of support from other gaming companies? Or another unthinkable factor? Whatever it is, it’s not looking good for one of the world’s giant gaming companies, Nintendo.

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