Mobile Legends

Tired of seeing those Mobile Legends ad advertising how ”great” their game is? Well, turns out that the game isn’t half bad! Mobile Legends offers the same game mechanics as League of Legends or D.O.T.A, but here’s the twist, it’s on Android! Mobile Legends features fair competition, dozens of heroes to choose from and intense matches that’ll keep you up all night!

Gameplay & Mechanics

Unlike D.O.T.A and League of Legends, which are PC games, Mobile Legends is an Android game, meaning that it’s portable! Your main objective in Mobile Legends is to destroy the enemy’s nexus positioned in the center of their base by first destroying outer towers, leveling up and teaming up with your teammates to kill enemies! Choose from 20+ heroes and 50+ skins as you embark in your quest to become the best hero ever! As for the gameplay, it’s not contaminated with ”salty” people like League of Legends. You’re matched with people in the same ranks as you and there aren’t any factors that’ll make the games unfair. Eventually the game might get boring after a while but it’s a great time killer for a few months. At least, until you get bored of it that is.S_6174666358166.jpg


  • Over 20+ heroes with 3 unique skills each to choose from.
  • Fair team matching and pairing system.
  • Hundreds of skins to customize your hero with!
  • Upgradable perk sets that have little effect on the match but still enhances your stats. This has little effect on the matches.
  • Great anti-cheat system.
  • Play with your friends and form a team!
  • Form a squad and play with your friends!
  • Achievements, daily rewards and chests that gives you unique items used for upgrading and other purposes!


Disclaimer: Mobile Legends is the rightful product of Moonton Studios. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the product in any way.


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