Nintendo Switch: Another failure?

Has Nintendo Switch really taken a turn for the worst? After successfully nailing the first weeks of its sales, it looks like all the hype and anticipation has really gone down, washed away and replaced by disappointment. Was it the lack of games? The lack of support from other gaming companies? Or another unthinkable factor? Whatever it is, it’s not looking good for one of the world’s giant gaming companies, Nintendo.

Here’s a brief chronology of the events both before and after the Nintendo Switch’s release to help shed some light into why the Nintendo Switch may have failed to be what it was expected to be by most.


Before all the disappointments, there was hype, and hopes. Lots of hopes. Many would argue that the biggest mistake was made here, before the Switch was even released. See, Nintendo did a really good job in the trailers for the Nintendo Switch. But they had put out the least amount of details they could, so that their fans could just fill in the blanks on their own. This proved to be successful in raising fans’ anticipation, but where there is anticipation, there is also expectation. They had simply set the bar too high, even for themselves, and they had done it themselves. Fans were imagining lots of things, and some were just too good to be true. This would be proven to be one of the most crucial things in the, as some would say, “failure” of the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo-switchThe First Weeks

After the trailers, the release came sooner later, and all that hype, all that encouragement provided by the trailers in the first place were exploding! Millions wanted to buy the Switch, all in the same time. People were considered either very lucky or very loaded if they could get their hands on the Switch during the first weeks of sales. Nintendo had once again showed the world a true innovation in gaming, and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But they did not realize that as more people soon purchased the Switch, more were getting disappointed after the first months.

The Death/Revival of the Hype

As people finished the games available for the Switch, they started seeing the faults inside the Switch. They started complaining on the lack of games, the immense price of the console, the meager size of the screen, etcetera. The sales were dropping, fast. And with it, all the hype and expectations. It was beginning yo seem that the Switch was just a fad, a mere memory of a few months ago. People even started comparing it to the failure of another of Nintendo’s many consoles, the Wii-U. Things were looking bad all over. mariokart8wallpaper

But it’s not too late. Nintendo still has a chance to turn things around. With a few more game additions, it could really turn this thing around. That’s why this section is called both the Death and Revival of the Hype. I believe Nintendo can and will reverse this effect. With a few considerations and tweakings in pricing, “leaking” a few major game titles that may come out in the Switch, they may really turn the tides.

Disclaimer: The Nintendo Switch is the rightful product of Nintendo. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the product.



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