The Biggest Update Ever?!

Ever since the hype for Clash of Clans has died over a year ago, Supercell has been working hard for months on the biggest update in Clash of Clans history ever! Featuring over 10+ new defenses, 10+ troops with unique skills and a whole new island to explore, now’s the right time to get back in Clash of Clans! Travel to a new island and start fresh from square one and battle opponents in a whole new battle system!

So What’s New?

Oh you better stand up so you can sit back down and take many sits, because this list is gonna take a long time to read! Let’s Start by the basics shall we? We’ll split the whole post into several separate posts because if we’d put them together, it’d be WAAAAAAAY too long and it’d be incredibly boring to read.

The Basics

So after you reach Town Hall (level 4), you’ll be prompt to repair the wrecked boat on your shore for free. After repairing the boat, you’ll again be prompt to travel to a new ”location”. After arriving on the new island, you’ll repair on a destroyed shelter and introduced to the basics of the new island’s systems, buildings and battle mechanics.

Battle Mechanics

The battle mechanics of the Builder’s Island are different then those of the normal island. In the Builder’s Island, both players attack each other and the player with the most starts or the most percentage of the village destroyed wins. No, gold and elixer aren’t looted from the other player. After the winner of the battle is decided, the player victorious will be awarded gold and elixer, (value depending on your trophies). After a 3-win streak, you’ll be awarded with more gold and elixer then a normal attack. The max number of attack wins you can get in 1 day is 3.

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Builder’s Base Defenses

A New island offers new defenses. Defenses are scarce in the builder’s island so make sure to maximize your defenses’ effectiveness! The key to a succesful defense lies on positioning and upgrades. So make sure to keep those 2 tackled down.

Double Cannons (Lvl. 8)

The Double cannons shoot double the cannonballs and really pack a punch! This defense is buildable on the new island.

Cannons (Lvl. 8) 

The cannon is the first defense you’ll receive on the builder’s base. It’s slightly more powerful than a normal cannon.

 Archer Towers (Lvl. 8)

The archer tower in the builder’s base contains a incredible feature! This archer tower gives you the ability to customize it’s defensive tactics. Should you prefer it to have a longer range with less damage, or a shorter range with more damage.

Crusher (Lvl. 8) 

The crusher’s name speaks for itself. It crushes anything that goes near it. this mighty stone slams units who gets near it with a mighty wallop! The crusher is also one of the few defenses that you’ll get upon entering the builder’s island.

 Air Bombs (Lvl. 8)

Like airmines,  the airbombs are heavy-duty defenses used to annihilate any aerial troop that dares to attack your base! The airbomb somehow, has unlimited ammo! Don’t ask me how logic applies. Either the builder is extremely rich or Supercell didn’t think this one through.

 Firecrackers (Lvl. 8)

The firecrackers are exact duplicates of the air defense, but prettier! The firecrackers swat away air troops like flies! The firecrackers are available at your local walmart!

 Roaster (Lvl. 8)

No, the roaster doesn’t ”burn” enemies with insults. It covers enemies with searing hot plasma fluids that’ll send them running for the rivers! both air and land troops will feel the burn! (pun intended).

 Giant Cannon (Lvl. 8)

The giant cannon fires a gigantic cannonball that pushes through a hoard of units and keeps going and going for…eternity? Some say the cannonballs are the size of mammoths!

 Guard Post (Lvl. 8)

The guard posts are a replica of the clan castle! It houses troops to aid in defense! The enemy will surely have a hard time getting past these obnoxious defenses!

 Mega Tesla (Lvl. 8)

When a Tesla goes “Mega”, even the toughest troops are unable to withstand the shock of these mighty defense giants! Zap those pesky giants with these and they’re gone for good!

 Multi-Mortars (Lvl. 8)

When Mortar builders go overboard, you get the multi-mortar! These mighty giants don’t have “overkill” registered into their vocabulary!

 Hidden Tesla (Lvl.8 )

We shouldn’t need to explain this right? It’s a hidden tesla, i’m sure everyone’s familiar with it by now! It stays hidden until an enemy comes within striking range of it’s electrical zapping powers!

 Walls (Lvl. 8)

Walls aren’t build individually, here they’re built in rows!

 Mortar (Lvl. 8)

Yep, the regular mortar. Don’t let troops get too close as the mortar can’t hit them!

Builder’s Base Troops

With new islands, new troops are available. These troops are trained by Camps. Each army camp in the Builder’s Base can only contain 1 type of unit. The troops are upgradable and possess unique abilities. For instance, the Sneaky Archers are able to hide themselves upon deployment for 3 seconds. Barbarians are raged upon deployment and the Boxer Giant’s first punch will deal 250% more damage.

 Sneaky Archers

Sneaky archers have the ability to cloak themselves for a small period of time after deployment. This skill is commonly used to take out defenses.

Raged Barbarians

For a small period of time after deployment, the raged barbarians will be raged (obviously). The rage increases their speed and attack.

Beta Minions

The beta minions glow in the dark! Apart from that, their first 2 shots are thrown from a relatively longer distance then their normal attacks.


Bombers learnt to throw bombs! They deal additional damage to walls and the first bomb thrown deals 200% more damage!

Boxer Giants

Boxer Giants deal 250% more damage on their first hit! This skill proves extremely valuable to take out defenses instantly.

 Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon seems cute and cuddly. That is until they’re separated from all other air troops. In that case, their attack increases dramatically!

Night Witch 

The night witch summons bats to aid her in battle! And after her death, she summons more bats!

 Drop Ship

The drop ship drops skeletons onto the defenses and swarms them! upon death, they deal additional damage and spawns a couple more skeletons!

 Cannon Cart

Cannons on wheels! Who’d suspect that! After the cart get’s wrecked, the cannon will still keep shooting with a temporary 100 HP!

Super P.E.K.K.A

A P.E.K.K.A on steroids! Presenting the Super P.E.K.K.A! It deals a massive area damage of 400 HP when it dies! It’s going out the hard way!

Builder’s Base Buildings & Traps

Well obviously, we have the regular elixer and gold storage, and the gold and elixer collector as well. The Builder’s Base also offers some additional buildings that are unseen! New traps are also available. Mind you that trap’s positioning in the Builder’s Base matters A LOT. It can really turn the tables of war.

 Builder Barracks

The builder barracks trains troops! but here’s the twist! everything trains in a minute and the troop training requires absolutely no elixer cost! It’s almost as if they’re a troop charity!

 Star Laboratory

The star laboratory upgrades troops! They enable more troops to fit in one army camp, upgrades troop’s skills and also increases the troop’s attack and defenses!

troop-housing2-1 Army Camps

The army camp allows the encampment of troops. One army camp can only house on type of troops.


Mines have the ability to be an aerial trap or a ground trap. The choice is yours. The mines also have a huge range of impact!

 Air Mines

Regular Airmines. They blow up pesky aerial troops and look really pretty doing it too!

 Spring traps

Do i really need to explain this one? The name speaks for itself! Literally!

 Mega Airmines

Airmines that pack a really, really huge boom! These bad boys are sure to send those beta minions running for the hills!

 Push Traps

These traps don’t kill the troops like spring traps do, they push them!

Disclaimer: All the products mentioned above are the rightful property of Supercell. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the products.



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