The Game that Will Kill TOO MUCH of Your Time

The world’s creepiest game is finally here! With a series of really frustrating mysteries, a right amount of weird, if not, sickening bosses, and a bunch of creepy music, this game is guaranteed to make you either really angry or really scared, whichever comes first.

The Absence of Story

First of all, the story. Unlike most games, Little Nightmares took a very risky step of not implementing a narrated story, although I must say, the gameplay helps a tiny bit on helping players know what’s going on. However, this still has a downside. Being a game with so little explanation on what’s actually going on, it really confuses the player at first, because the first screen is literally just the main character waking up in a room. That’s it. No prologue. No written dialog or explanation. Just a little raincoat girl who wakes up in a weird room in the middle of nowhere. Image result for Little Nightmares

Cause and Effects

Next up, is the gameplay. The gameplay is actually what makes Little Nightmares a great game. It is so critical and essential in this game due to the lack of story this game has. Puzzle games don’t usually work well with the horror theme, but here it works so well that you might think Little Nightmares is just one of those mainstream horror games. Then you would be wrong. The game’s puzzles are not really that complex, but when there’s a blind guy with long arms and dwarfish legs standing right there next to you and you have to get past him, it can be pretty frustrating. Okay, REALLY FRUSTRATING. But what exactly do you do here? The basic objective of the game is to avoid getting slaughtered by the monsters that dwell in the island while searching for a way out. The controls are pretty simple, too. You move around with “WASD”, grab or rotate the camera with the mouse, and throw stuff or jump with space. There’s also sneak and run, which helps a lot during encounters with the inhabitants of the island. Another awesome thing is the use of physics, which means that a chair will move back a little bit after it is jumped from, you will die if you jump from too high up, and the lighting also produces realistic shadows as well.

Ambient of Fear

Next is the music. Being another essential part of Little Nightmares, I must say that they have really nailed the scores and sound effects. It blends so well with the gameplay and graphics, that everything just looks scarier and more fun to play with. I would recommend turning your volume to the max when playing this game.
Last but not least, is the graphics of the game. Little Nightmares was made from Unreal Engine, and it sure is an awesome example of what you can do with it. With amazing 3D models and great lighting, it sure does give a big plus to the whole gaming experience.

Image result for Little Nightmares

Disclaimer: Little Nightmares is the rightful product of Tarsier Studios. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated with the product.


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