Bored of Clash of Clans? Trying to find that one game to kill time? Well we’ve got the perfect game for you! DomiNations is a progressive strategical game made by Nexon and Big Huge Games!

A Quick Summary!

DomiNation is a strategical and base building game similar to Clash of Clans or Boom Beach! Advance from the stone age to the Atomic Age and choose from 8 distinct nations, each with their own benefits! Send your citizens on voyages, attack opposing enemies and loot their resources!


A Hint of Difference?

So now you’re sat there thinking ,”what makes this game so different from the others, huh?” We’ll stand up so you can sit down! This list is going to be long…

  • Advance from the stone age to the Atomic Age!
  • Choose from 8 distinct nations once you reach the iron age! Mind you that each nation has its own benefits and unique Troop.
  • Hire mercenaries to fight for you!
  • Clear the forest surrounding your tiny settlement to make space AND find chest,ruins or amphoras filled with treasure!
  • Hunt animals such as rabbits or foxes to gain food and trading items such as leather which could be used to hire mercenaries, purchase blessings,etc.
  • Upgrade your troops! Go from a caveman to a hoplite to a marine!
  • 5 ridiculously hard campaign!
  • Each Troop or campaign level contains a brief description of the place/Troop. Mind you that this description is spot on and could really help you with that history homework now! So that’s a plus…
  • Build wonders such as the Terracotta and the Stonehenge that provided buffs for your city!


Interested? Download the Game here!

A Little Side Note!

Just a little side-note, DomiNation is relatively harder then Clash of Clans die to the limited resources there are. You really need to manage your resources properly. And also, make sure to choose your nation properly… Mercenaries help a lot… Keep that in mind if you’re gonna download the game. Which you should!


Disclaimer: DomiNation is the rightful product of Big Huge Games and Nexon. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), associated to the product.


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