Infestation: The New Z!

Are you a huge fan of DayZ or Player Unknown Battle Ground but just simply don’t have the money nor want to spend it? Well we’ve got the perfect game for you! Infestation: The New Z is a massive-online FPS game made by Fredaikis AB! Its free so it must be good? Or is it?


  • Play with your friends or play alone! Either way, you’ll be glued to your seat for hours!
  • Tons of weapons, items, armors and supplies randomly generated onto the map for your every apocalyptic-day needs!
  • Play in normal mode, where you scavenge for food and hunt other players down or play Battle Royale, where you’re placed onto a map and attempt to survive the longest!
  • Good anti-cheat! Seriously! We’ve experienced over 50+ hours of gameplay and not one player we’ve encountered has used cheat engines! If you do however encounter a suspected hacker, then you can report the player and the staff will respond quickly! They’re online 24/7!
  • A combination of first-person and third-person view is available to choose from!
  • Skins! Skins, skins, skins and more skins to customize your items!
  • A clan and group system that allows you to team up with players or your friends!
  • A global inventory to safely store your loot and items!
  • Drive around in cars and ram zombies or players! That is, if you have enough money to even afford a car!
  • Multiple settlements that are safe-zones!


A Warning

Just a little side note, Infestation: The New Z is kinda hard for beginners. Most of the cities or locations are infested with campers! And as if that’s bad enough, people with better equipment are very likely to kill you. Also, just an extra side note, if you’re camping and get bored because no one shows up (which happens often), don’t jump down because the moment you do, BAM! Your head is shot by 3 people. Happens often. To us at least.


Disclaimer: Infestation: The New Z is the rightful product of Fredaikis AB. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product.


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