Screen Cheat!

Remember those good old days playing Halo on the same X-box? Remember that one kid who always cheats off of someone’s screen? Well now it’s time to put your screen cheating-skills to the test with a brand new indie-game made by Samurai Punk! This one-of-a-kind indie game will surely have you and your buds glued to the screen for hours and hours!


Screen Cheat is a competitive FPS game played by 2-8 people on the same screen! Put your screen-cheating skills to the test! And if you’re alone, hone your skills with the AI’s! There are multiple modes to the game featuring good old classic deathmatch, Capture the fun , where your job is to keep hold of a “pinata” (AKA “The Fun”), and elimination where your task is to be the last man standing! Now here’s the twist. You’re all invisible! Every player on the map is invisible so the only way to kill someone is to…

  1. Randomly fire away and hope that you hit someone.
  2. Charge in with melee weapons and again, hope to hit someone.
  3. Screen cheat off of your friends!

Now you can screen-cheat all you want without the constant shouts of anger from your friends at you!Image result for screen cheat

Game Modes

Screen Cheat features several game modes, some of which could be played offline or online. Some of these game modes include…

  • Classic Deathmatch (Kill the most players in the designated amount of time).
  • Capture the ”Fun” (Hold on to a pinata the longest. Other players will try to kill you in attempt to steal the “Fun”).
  • Murder Mystery (Find the right person and kill him/her with the right weapon).
  • Capture the Hill (Basically stay in the designated area as long as possible while other players converge onto you and try to overtake the hill).
  • So much more!


From destructive weapons such as a grenade launcher and a blunderbuss, to weapons that’re just bonkers, Screen Cheat is the master of creativity! Just look at some of these weapons they implanted in the game!

  • Blunderbuss : (It’s basically an old-timely gun… What else did you expect?)
  • Hobby-Horse : (Charge into battle with this childhood toy! Comes with a wooden sword as well! Wow!)
  • Grenade Launcher : ( It explains itself…)
  • Candelabra : (A melee weapon with a short range!)
  • Chefolet : (A charge weapon that allows you to fire a huge ball of energy. The longer you charge, the bigger the ba- erhmm.. Energy ball).
  • Revolver-Rifle : (A 4-shot rifle that’s basically a sniper. Keep guessing your shots!)
  • Crossbow : (A medieval weapon that fires an arrow!)
  • Bear Bomb : (Plant a toy bear on the ground, and blow it up! It’s a claymore!)
  • Sorgeon : (I don’t- even know- where to begin! It’s a giant balloon-like mace!)
  • Wall_Hacker : (A long-range sniper rifle.)

Note: All weapons are one-hit kills! So… That defeats the purpose of a sniper, i guess?Image result for screen cheat

Disclaimer: Screen Cheat is the rightful product of Samurai Punk. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product.



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