Move It!

Family-friendly games are the pinnacle of family fun! Just plop down with your lil’ bro and stay glued to the screen for hours and hours until your mom calls you for dinner! Well then, if you’re looking for a family-friendly game (with blood and gore involved, see the irony?), we’ve got the pick for you! Move or die (made by “Those Awesome Guys,” literally the name of the company), is an addicting game to play with your friends! So what’re you waiting for? Move it! Get the game!


Move or die is a 4-player multiplayer game played on the same console screen. The objective of the game is to win at various minigames, eventually increasing your score to 50. Every time you best your buddies at a minigame, your score will increase by 5, eventually seeling your victory. Now you probably could’ve guessed it already, but in this game… You can’t stop moving. Seriously. Stop moving for 5 seconds? Well then you’re blasted into pulp. Did i say this game was family friendly? Well guess i’m wrong… Wait, what have i done? Kids are gonna be traumatized! See those so-called “paint” all over the place? Those are your blood!

Anways, the game mechanic changes every 20 seconds and after 20 seconds, the minigame will turn into a “death match” mode where your health won’t regenerate regardless of moving nor staying still.Image result for move or die

Minigames, Minigames and MORE MINIGAMES!!!

  • Cleanup Crew : ( Paint is splatted all over the background wall. The player who cleans up the most paint wins the minigame.)
  • Vertigo : ( The whole platform is moving and the exterior of the stage is surrounded by those “X” blocks that’ll kill you on impact. Your objective is to survive the longest, jumping upwards from platform to platform.)
  • Blow-Back : ( The player’s objective is to inflate air into themselves, pretty much like Kirby, then deflate, knocking your opponents into those “X” blocks.)
  • Bomb Tag : (One person is strapped with a bomb. He can get rid of the bomb tag by tapping someone else. The last one standing is the winner. Mind you that the wearer of the bomb is slightly faster then everyone else.)
  • Chainsaw Backstab : ( each player is given a chainsaw. Your objective is to kill someone and the only way to do that is to stab them in the back! Clashing directly with chainsaws will result in knockback and/or knocking both your chainsaws out of your hands.)
  • Color Craze : (Touching a block will result in the block turning into your color. The player with the most blocks with his/her color on it will win).
  • Falling Blocks : (“X” blocks would be falling from the ceiling, progressively falling faster. Dodge them.)
  • Fizzle Floor : (The floor vanishes slowly. Survive.)
  • Ghost Scare : ( Each player is invisible. Your objective is to “shock” someone in your circle. If that person is in your circle, he’ll/she’ll lose. However, if you miss, you’ll be stunned for a few seconds and appear visible, leaving you vulnerable.)
  • Hat Chase : (A hat will appear, the person who wears it longest will win. you can rob the hat by stepping on someone.)
  • So Much more! We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you! So go download the game and find the remaining mingames! Oh also, it’s on sale!

Image result for move or die

Character Customization?!

As if everything we just mentioned isn’t cool enough, we still have more to say! The game allows you to customize your characters! Making them into a walking brain! Or perhaps something more spoopy? How ’bout a skeleton! Something manly? A viking will suit you!

So what’re you waiting for? Get it now while it’s in 60% discount! Click Here!Image result for move or die characters

Oh My Gosh, You Got More To Say?!

Yes i do! To add to the already existing awesomeness of this game, the developers have recently released an update featuring Rick & Morty! Who doesn’t like Rick & Morty? Exactly! So if you’re hyped for more kickass updates such as these, download the game! Except if you’re a kid. In that case, don’t download the game.Seriously. Wabalabadupdup!

Image result for move or die title screen

Disclaimer: Move or Die is the rightful product of Those Awesome Guys. I am not, in any way. (except for writing this article), related to the product in any way.


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