An Extended Look Into: Survivor: Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a free multiplayer zombie survival strategy, made by Kefir!, where all the survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love, and compassion. A deadly plague pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic world infected with walking dead zombies. Yes, i copied that word for word from the appstore.


A deadly plague pandamic has left Earth with a crippled population. 80% of the population has been infected, 10% has died in war for food and ammo and the other 10%, well… That’s us! After several years, the survivors have developed an immunity to the plague.

Now, the survivors have learnt to craft, build and grow their own food. There is no place for friendship nor compassion! Traverse to different locations and harvest resources while avoiding zombies and other ruthless survivors. I mean, granted, they’re probably ruthless at me because… Let’s face it, we kill a lot of players in massive online multiplayer game…Image result for survivors, last day on earth


The primary objective of Survivor: Last day on Earth is to survive! Yep… There are literally thousands of threats just waiting for you to poke your head around the corner. Some threats you’ll encounter through the game are…

  • Unique types of zombies that’ll tear you to shreds such as Roaming Zombies, Toxic Spitters, Floater Bloater and so much more!
  • Other survivors! They’re the most dangerous threat to you!
  • Hunger and Thirst! Yes, you still need to drink!

Craft weapons and build buildings such as the Meat Drier, (which air dries your meat to perfection! That… sounded sexual… Sorry…). Upgrade your walls and floors to prevent the dangerous Zombie hoard which attacks your base daily from breaking and entering!S_6373177333087

Craft weapons and tools that’re used to harvest natural resources which are proved to be priceless! Piece together clothing to keep you clad, at least… for now! And most importantly, piece together vehicles slowly to traverse the terrain quicker! Or build the radio tower! Which’ll allow you to chat with other survivors!

Uncover the ruins of once, a city! Or traverse the army bunker and hack into the vaults to uncover weapons, armor, material and who knows what!


Surprisingly, for an Android game, which is also free, the graphics of Survivor: Last Day on Earth isn’t really that bad! Just take a look at the pool’s reflection! Have you ever seen an Android game with these kinda graphics that don’t lag your phone down to 5 FPS/second? No? Yep, that’s what i thought!S_6373177967790


The ambiance of Survivor: The Last Day on Earth projects a creepy atmosphere to your gameplay. The sound effects are pretty decent as the level of realism are considered somewhat “realistic”.

Everytime you enter an area, a creepy tune will start playing continuously and will surround you with the feeling that you’re being watched! And you’re right! Zombies, survivors and who knows what are watching you out there… Slowly plotting their attack route… Slowly watching you… Investigating your weaknesses.

Interested to Download the Game? Click Here!

System Requirements


    • Android: Literally have a decent Android phone that can run it. Like, NOT an IPhone 1, just have a decent phone, like the Samsung J2 , or something. Geez, i don’t know…

Disclaimer: Survivor: Last Day on Earth is the rightful product of Kefir! I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product in any way.


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