An Extended Look Into: Polytopia

You have been chosen to rule over the mighty Bardur Empire! Traverse the blocky map of Polytopia and unify the map under one empire! Research new technology in the tech tree, and train new and powerful troops such as the Catapult, or the Knight! Play as the mighty Bardur empire, or the Imperius Legion! Maybe something more… evil? How ’bout the deadly Vengir empire? Polytopia (Published and Developedby Midjiwan AB) is the perfect breed of strategy and management


You’re a pixelated little soldier, and apparently, you’re the leader of your puny tribe! At least, it’s puny now. Your task is to eliminate all the other tribes and unify the square under one tribe. That is, yours!


As stated many times before, your task is to unify the map under one tribe. Yours. Harvest resources, hunt animals, fish and grow your town to greater levels! Growing your town increases your population and resources (AKA Stars), allowing you to train more soldiers!

Research different techs from the tech tree! Find new troops! Some examples of researchable techs are…

  • Mathematics! Which allows you to build sawmills and train catapults!
  • Spiritualism! Build temples that’ll grow over time!
  • Sailing! Literally self explanatory…
  • Climbing! Learn to climb mountains!
  • Farming! Learn to grow crops in order to grow your town!

Image result for polytopia

Play as different types of tribes! The bardur has survived harsh temperatures and starts the game with the “hunting” tech! Or play with the Omaji tribe, living in the desert has disciplined them with horse-riding techniques! The Omaji starts the game with the “riding” tech! The Imperius starts the game with the “organization” tech that allows them to harvest fruits! And last but not least, the Xin-xi! Living on the mountains has given them time to climb! They start the game with the “Climbing” tech!

There are also tons of different tribes, purchasable from the game, and some tribes even possess different tech trees! They say the water-dwelling tribal people has learnt to tame sea turtles as cavalries!

Play in Domination Mode or in 30-Round Mode! Each with different game styles. Play in Domination Mode, where the goal is to eliminate all opposing tribes with no time limit whatsoever. Or play in the 30-Round Mode, where your goal is to be the first or have the greatest score in 30 rounds!


The polygonal aspect to Polytopia gives it a unique vibe! Not a lot of games nowadays are blocky or pixalated. It’s surprising that one person made Polytopia. Seriously. Look at the graphics! Now i know what you’re thinking, it looks very boring and simple right? And it is! Except the fact that it’s not boring to look at! It’s so… original…Image result for polytopia

Also, different tribes have different land designs. The Vengir tribe, as depicted above are clad in darkness and their land are almost always a wasteland. In contrary to the Vengir tribe, the imperius tribe’s buildings are greeky-looking.


Each tribes possess different audio! If you started playing the game (which i advice you to do straight away!), you’ll notice that picking a different tribe will trigger different tribe musics. Each tribe has a unique tribe image. The Vengir has a mystrious ambiance

Interested to Download the Game for Android? Click Here!

System Requirements


    • Have a decent phone. An IPhone 1 would work great! Just kidding… I don’t know if it’ll even run the game…


Due to the Absence of Recommended System Requirements, we are unable to provide you with the necessary details.

Disclaimer: Polytopia is the rightful product of  Midjiwan AB. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product.



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