Monster Hunter: World

For a long time, Monster Hunter has always been available exclusively to handhelds, with a few exceptions here and there (think Frontier Series, Tri, Freedom, etc). However, all of this will soon change, with its newest addition, named Monster Hunter: World! This time, instead of being released for handheld consoles, the game is going to be out for the Xbox, PS4, and, *insert drumroll* the PC! That’s right! Monster Hunter: World will also be released for PCs, although it will come later than the console versions. But, hey, that’s still something, isn’t it?

Don’t expect this to be just your ordinary Monster Hunter game, for Monster Hunter: World will have a significant amount of new content that you can try out in both single player or with friends! This includes:

  1. Graphics. Because of the amazing amount of hardware power that home consoles and PCs have compared to handhelds like the 3DS, Capcom has been able to upgrade a lot of things in Monster Hunter: World, and one of it is the graphics of the game. If you’ve seen the trailers, then you probably know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t, just imagine a Monster Hunter game with ultra high-def resolution.
  2. Seamless world loading. Remember the time you had to load every area of the map in Monster Hunter? That won’t happen here. More computing power also means seamless world loading, and your hunt won’t be interrupted by the loading screens every time you exit an area.
  3. Monsters will actually chase you throughout the world. Following seamless world loading, monsters will also chase you everywhere, meaning you won’t be saved just by exiting an area. You will have to hide in the bushes, as I will explain later.
  4. Tons of environmental interaction. Be a real Monster Hunter by using environmental traps on target monsters, applying stealth techniques to help you escape, leading a monster to another monster’s territory, and more!
  5. Cloaks. Monster Hunter: World also features cloaks, which can be worn to give you boons like stealth, power, and others!

Yes, it’s swallowing that Aptonoth whole.

Wanna see all these features in action? Click here to see an official gameplay video published by Monster Hunter’s Youtube channel.

So when will the game come out? Capcom hasn’t really given us an exact date, but Capcom has stated that it will release Monster Hunter: World “early 2018” for Xbox and PS4, with the PC Version “coming at a later date”. However,  those wishing to get the game immediately after its release can simply pre-order on Amazon for a retail price of $60 (console versions only).

Personally, I think Monster Hunter: World will be a massive update to the previous handheld versions, and it will welcome a massive amount of both new and old players, as this also marks the first ever Monster Hunter game to be able to play in the PC which isn’t exclusive to Japanese players. Being the first game in the PC market, this also means that Capcom has realized the potential of bringing Monster Hunter to the PC market and, hopefully, if all goes well, will release more Monster Hunter games for the PC in the future.

Disclaimer: Monster Hunter World is the rightful product of Capcom. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product.


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