Git Gud (Dark Souls III Edition)

So… You want to Git Gud at Dark Souls III? Can’t defeat Ludryx Gundyr? Git Gud! Keep on falling off to your doom? Git Gud! People keep on invading your world and slaying you because you’re a NOOB? You need to Git Gud. And that’s exactly why i’m here! I’m here to help you Git Gud! What’s that? Your already Gud? Well i’m gonna help you Git Gudder!

Assess The Situation

Many times, I’ve seen people recklessly dive into hoards of enemies and end up dying, horribly. You’ve got to play smart! You’ve got to know when to charge into battle and when to flee! You can’t just take on 3 enemies simultaneously, you’ve got to split them up! Even puny undeads in large hoards can overwhelm you! If you can, i highly advise you to kill an enemy at a time, or if you can’t at least separate the hoard of enemies.Image result for dark souls 3

Analyze Attack Patterns

Every Dark Souls player knows that each and every enemy you face in Dark Souls will have a certain attack pattern. Lets take Ludryx Gundyr for instance. If the player is a moderate to far distance away from him, he’ll leap into the air and attempt to land on you. Now, if we can analyze Ludryx’s attack pattern, we can generate a fail-safe combat pattern that’ll counter his. For instance, after Ludryx leaps into the air and attempts to land on you, there’s a brief moment where he pries his spear from the ground. This is your chance! He’s vulnerable. See? Every boss has a weakness. When you do find it, you’ll overcome the boss!Image result for dark souls 3Same goes for minions. Usually, minions will have a 1-2 combo and they’ll momentarily be vulnerable. Bosses and Lothric Knights on the other hand, have a more… advanced combo. Before you stop dodging or put your shield down, make sure that his attack pattern is over. Mind you most of the mobs are quicker then you, therefore they’ll strike you first and land their combo on you. If they do land they’re combo on you, dodge, block. Do whatever you can to get out of the combo. Make sure that you also time your attack! Mind you that some enemies don’t stutter from your attacks! The Undead Mage doesn’t stutter from your attack but the Samurai Phantom does!

Live, Die, Farm, Repeat!

The key to beating an enemy is… Skills. Obviously. But other then that, you need great armor and weapons! And where do you get great weapon and armor? From enemies! One of the key to earning better gear is to take on those wandering Lotrhic Knights found throughout the map! Farming is the key to a successful game!

Explorin’ Them Maps!

Much of Dark Souls III’s maps are clad with secret passsages, lootable souls and aweful mobs that has a chance to yield powerful weapons! As a Dark Souls III player, it is your duty to wander throughout the map and seek these hidden passages! even in the first map (the Cemetery of Ashes), there’s a hidden passage that leads to the lair of the Ice Dragon. In here, you’ll find a slighly rare soul that’ll be of use to you. See? Every Dark Souls III map is riddled with secret mini-bosses, souls and secret passageways!Image result for dark souls 3Even when you’re sure that you’ve explored every inch of the corner, every stone turned, there’s always that one spot you forgot to check! I’m amazed by the details the developers of Dark Souls III put into the maps!

Making a Wise Choice

During character creation, pay attention to the class you choose. Yep! You thought not of those classes did you? Well I’m here to tell you that the classes are completely unique and each, with their own strength and weaknesses. For instance, the pyromancer is able to shoot out balls of fire. In my opinion, the pyromancer is a really useful class! It allows you to attack enemies from range without putting yourself at risk! But alas, the pyromancer requires yet, a lot of mana.Image result for dark souls 3

Don’t Be Afraid of Death!

Death is a completely normal thing in Dark Souls, well at least if you’re not good! Find an item surrounded by enemies? Go for it! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a great weapon! Besides, you can always respawn!

Disclaimer: Dark Souls III is the rightful product of Fromsoftware and Bandai Namco. I am not, in any way, (except for writing this article), related to the product.


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