Blogging 101: Why Your Blog May Not Be Attracting Views

“Why has my blog not made tons of views yet?” is rightfully one of the most common question when asked when starting a blog. Your blog, might not be making views for several reasons and some of them might be more concerning then the other.

1. Your Content Isn’t Exactly ‘Great’

You may publish a butt-load of content. Maybe you write often! an article a day or two would definitely attract some audience, wouldn’t it? Nope. That’s not the case. When you blog, you’ve got to put your heart and soul into it ,(that sounds really cheesy). You’ve got to actually put time and effort into an article. Let this one article represent who you are! The article you write should be self-explanatory. Your readers should not be confused about your article. Your article should do it’s job. It should provide accurate and detailed information about the topic you’re talking about. Don’t stray off topic.

  • Your article should be accurate and detailed about the specified topic.
  • You should not stray off topic. Don’t talk about Taco Bells when you’re reviewing a movie. Unless y’know, the movie is about Taco Bella, then that’s acceptable.
  • Get straight to the point. Readers aren’t interested in dilly-dallies. Just get to the point and you should be good to go, even if your article is extremely short.
  • Please, for everyone’s sake. Just don’t provide inaccurate information.

Related imageFind your style of writing! Let me just say that if you don’t enjoy writing content, the don’t write content at all. If you’re forcing yourself to write content, the content would not be that great. And people can see that. Write when you feel like it!

2. You’re Not Advertising Enough

First off, adverts are one annoying aspects of the internet. But when you start a blog, you’ll soon understand why businesses advertise themselves. The point of an ad is to attract as much audience as possible with as little money spent on the ad itself. But you won’t have to spend money on advertising! You can simply drop a link in your twitter once in a while or nag your friends about it, etc. Listed below are some subtle methods of advertising that isn’t as ‘annoying’ as those pop-ups.Related image

  1. Put your blog’s link in any social-media profile that you have! Drop a link in your facebook or twitter account!
  2. Make a dedicated social media account promoting your blog. Make a Twitter account promoting your blog and specifically use it to advertise blogs or updates!
  3. Nag your real-life friends once a month or so. Don’t be a spammer!
  4. Read other blogger’s articles and drop a comment if you enjoy it! They’ll surely get back at you and you’ll get to know them! Who knows? Maybe they’ll give you a shout out!
  5. Join blogging events! Get to meet people! Engage in community activities!

3. Your Site isn’t User-Friendly

If you’re site looks like… an unappealing web, then user’s aren’t gonna bother revisiting it. When designing a site, use neutral colors that aren’t ‘hard’ on the eyes. White, black, grey, etc. Colors like bright green or neon might be appealing but after a few minutes, the reader’s eyes will tire out. Why? I don’t know, ask science. A good example of a design might be of The Well Red Mage or Later Levels.

Notice how Red’s sight has a dark background and light texts. Because of his site’s color, the user’s eyes wouldn’t tire out and they would probably revisit the site! Why would you visit a site that could tire your eyes out when you can visit a site that’s easy on the eyes? Same goes for Later Levels. The neutral colors would go easy on the eyes.

4. Dude Go Meet People

Meeting people and creating relationships or ‘partnerships’ are the best way to create traffics and benefit the two of you. You might meet a larger blogger and he’d offer to write a guest article for you and vice versa.


5 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Why Your Blog May Not Be Attracting Views

  1. good advice, the key i think is interacting with the communities though. You get a couple people following you and talk on the regular through comments, and naturally other people start coming on board like a domino effect.

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  2. Something I personally think is important as well is community interaction. If you don’t interact with other people, you will be tossed aside.
    Other things I think are important too are:
    * Branding is everything. For real, get a recognizable style/icon. So, people know what to expect from you and your blog by just looking at the art. Currently, I have a gameboy cartridge with a cat paw on it. Meaning, I’m a gamer who takes you on a journey through my “game”/life. And those games can be retro too. 🙂
    * Having a schedule can help too! Since I decided to release my articles in the weekend, I see a huge rise in my numbers on Saturday-Sunday & Monday. 🙂
    * Having any social media page where you can post quick updates is essential in my opinion. It helps you with interacting with your readers, post quick updates when a post is delayed or something alike.
    * Also, when you write articles about the things ALL the other bloggers have written about, then you won’t attract as many readers as you can.

    Liked by 2 people

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