Blogging 101: Are WordAds Worth It?

WordAds were introduced in the late November of 2013. There was much buzz in the WordPress community regarding this matter. Bloggers are now able to make a significant amount of money blogging! But the question is, is it worth it?

Ads and Why We Hate Them!

Why do we hate ads so much? Because they’re so obnoxious and most of the time, the ads contain no relation to the article whatsoever. You could see an ad about cooking recipes on a history blog. And that’s not the worst part. Let’s be honest. Ads ruin the site. A lot. It make it look unprofessional, distorted and just plain messy. Yep. That’s kinda why i won’t probably be using WordAds in the future. Or maybe i will! Who knows?

That’s not the worst part! Ads usually tend to distract people from the article itself and most of the time, ads are kinda annoying. Pop-ups are the worst. I can say, that at least 90% of the readers instantly close the site when a pop-up appears. See? Ads are annoying little pieces of sh- errr… Obnoxious pieces of feces. There. Age friendly.WordAds Blog Views vs Ad Impressions

Are WordAds Worth It?

Now let’s get to the million-dollar question. Are WordAds worth the distortion of your blog? I get the fact that you’re able to make money off of ads. We’re talking about money. Rolling in those dough! But seriously, as stated before, ads tend to ruin the structure of the blog most of the time. So are you willing to ruin the structure of your site just so you can earn a measly dollar? Some people say yes! Some say otherwise! I, for one, think that you should not implement WordAds if you’re getting less then thousands of views a day. Why? Because if you’re still a small blog, chances are that the ads are going to hurt your site more then it’s going to bring in income. Don’t care? Go for it.

You’re still not convinced that WordAds are terrible if you’re a small blog? Here’s some statistics from Dennis’ site that shows how much he’s making in half a year.Blog Traffic And WordAds Revenue StatsSee what I mean? His site attracts 150,000 people through half the year and how much is he making? $120-ish. That’s amazing right? But here’s the thing. Dennis’ site is incredibly big and it’s pretty well known. He has tens of thousands of followers, maybe more! Chances are that you’re not as big as Dennis, are you now? There are tons of other advertising platform that offers more then what he’s getting paid with WordAds! You should go out and research some advertising companies! A lot of people have complaint about the payment of WordAds. You’re gonna practically ruin your blog’s structure just to earn $120-ish ($20 a month). By this statistics, Dennis will earn somewhat $240-ish a year. Not that much. You can earn more by working in a Mcdonalds for a month!

If you want to earn more, you can just go and apply for Google Adsense! They pay more! At least, I think they do! So, no. I don’t think any small blog, getting tens or hundreds of views a day should apply for WordAds. But if you get tens of thousands or even millions of views a day, you can make quite a pretty penny applying for WordAds. It’s your site, not mine!

There are certain WordPress themes that might fit with the ad, and some might fit great with them! But there are some WordPress themes, premium and non-premium, that’re pretty much ruined by these WordAds. Twenty-One ,(I think that’s a theme), is pretty much ruined by these ads. Guess, you’ll just have to experiment with the ads!

Qualifications & Stuff!

WordPress, for whatever reason, won’t offer WordAds for any random blog! For one, you must be the head admin of the blog and your blog must be self-hosted or you have to have a primary domain. You’ll also need to set your blog visible to the public. The first and third option isn’t a problem. But you’ll have to pay for a primary domain. Deduct your earning by the cost of the primary domain and then you’ll get your profit. If you’re not qualified, you can still find other advertising companies that’ll pay you per views!Image result for advertisingSide Note: I couldn’t find a good image to represent my concept so I more or less took the photo from Diary of Dennis. I hope he’s okay with this! You guys should go check him out! Like all of his posts now! Do it!

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