Charming & Open: A Response to Robert Ian Shepard!

Earlier the other day, Robert Ian Shepard from Adventure Rules asked me quite an intriguing question! “If you could choose one series to reboot, which one would it be and what would you change about it?” It took some time to think about it, but I may have found an answer to this question!

First off…

Ok, don’t judge me! I didn’t play a lot of ‘retro games’ back in my day and the ones I did play were more or less… Just ‘ok’ at best. But there are one or two out there who I did spend a number of hours on and I did really enjoy them! So when GBA Advance hit the market, I happily trotted my way down to the nearest electronic store and got myself a console and a random game cartridge. And what game did I end up playing?

Monster House, based on the movie. Yes, some of you might have watched the movie. First off, I do notice that the game isn’t that old. But seriously, I didn’t play many games back in my time and I found this one to be the most enjoyable one. Forgive me for the lack of images but it was quite an obstacle to take screenshots of a GBA game.

Image result for Monster house gameboyLong story short, the game basically revolves around these 3 kids who ventured into a monstrous house (hence the game’s title) to kill it.Halloween’s right around the corner and this ‘monster house’ would gobble up the trick-or-treaters! Apparently, the neighbor’s wife died during the house’s construction period and her soul has never left the house… Or something like that. Furniture’s come alive and try to eat these kids, blah, blah, blah. It’s been some time since I’ve played the game, alright? I never finished it and I’ve never really paid attention to the dialogue and that’s why I probably can’t remember the game well. I probably should play through it again!

I get that this isn’t really a series because there’s technically one game. I can’t really find any other retro game series that I’d play if it was rebooted other then this game. Yep. I wasn’t really big on ‘video games’ back in the day.Image result for Monster house gameboy

So… Why this?

On some occasions, I did pay attention to the dialogues and the storyline. The story is intriguing and the gameplay was actually quite enjoyable, (at least, I thought a game like this was enjoyable until I indulged in modern games!) I spent countless hours trying to finish the game and almost finished it. That is until I lost the cartridge. But that’s a story for another day. What made me really want this game to be a modern rebooted game is the storyline and the gameplay. Back then, the gameplay was considered ‘ungodly,’ or at least, that’s what I thought. The storyline was intriguing and it really sucks you into their world. There’s not much I remember about the game since it’s been like… 5 ~ 7 years since I played it. I would really love to see this series rebooted.

Charming & Open

Charming and Open is inspired by a move of the same name in the tabletop RPG Dungeon World. In the game, it allows a character to ask a direct question and get an honest answer, but there’s a catch – in speaking openly enough to ask that question, they give the target the opportunity to ask a question on the same terms. This idea of an open exchange of questions to which both parties must give an honest answer is the basis of the community event.Charming and Open is an opportunity for you to ask me a question about video games, tabletops, or blogging in general. I’ll answer your question as a full-length post right here on Adventure Rules. In exchange, if you’re a blogger and want to participate, I’ll ask you a question which you can then answer as a full-length post on your own blog. We link each other and encourage our followers to check out the other’s post – in this way, the event helps to build community as we exchange ideas and spread the word about one another’s blogs.

Robert Ian Shepard’s Blog can be visited by clicking here!

About Robert Ian Shepard

Robert Ian Shepard is the owner of Adventure Rules which frequently holds community blogging events! If you’re one to participate in community events you should really head on over to his blog and check things out or two!

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    Our second post from the December 2017 Charming and Open came from Austin over at Reaper Interactive! The question I asked him was all about rebooting a game, and the game he chose is certainly unique. I encourage you to go see it for yourself and give his blog a follow if you haven’t already!

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