Blogging 101: Community Events

The WordPress community is certainly, the best kind of community you could run into when blogging. From humorous people to great writers, the community is what keeps most bloggers writing! With communities comes events held by amazing individuals! Today, we’re discussing community events!

What are Community Events?

Community Events: (N) An event held by an individual or more that allows the community to contribute something, mainly posts.

Community events are a great way to meet new people and contribute to others! You can find community events anywhere! Scour social media such as Twitter to get updated on the latest community events. Stay updated by viewing the ‘reader’ section of the WordPress site/app! Most bloggers write an update whenever a community event is held. Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s time to move on. Why’re community posts held? And what good are they for you and your blog? For instance, you could join Later Level’s Christmas Collab and join in on the fun! There are also plugins out there that supposedly ‘tracks’ community events.Screenshot (68)

What Good are Community Events?

Community events aren’t just for fun and games. For one, it’s a great way to discover new blogs and form relationships/partnerships with other bloggers who share the same interests as you! Community events are also a great way to promote your own blog! I know, sounds sketchy right? Here me out. 95% of the time, the creator of the community event would ask you to include a link to his blog and vice versa. I, for one, usually give a brief description of the event creator, the event, and their blog. It’s common courtesy.

Apart from subtle advertising, Community Events are also a great place to find new bloggers! If you’re searching for contributors, it’ll increase the chances of finding your contributor! Also, it gives you chances to form new bonds with other bloggers!Image result for community events



15 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Community Events

  1. The Blogparty from Later Levels was my first event I attended. I enjoyed it so much that I surely will participate in other events as well! I just love having so many people around each other with the same interests which makes it very appealing to stay and grow in this community!

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      1. I will man. I already finished my first post for the event but I wont be able to do all the days unfortunately. But I will answer as many as possible. Thanks for the tip!

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      1. I’m completely stuck on the ‘outfit’ question – I just don’t know which character to go for! If I can make it through this one, the end is almost in sight.

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      2. That one I didn’t find too difficult, because I have a certain taste in music which made it easier to find tracks. Clothes on the other hand: not exactly my forte! Ha ha ha

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      3. Not at all – it’s not something I tend to do nowadays myself. My only ‘listening’ comes in the form of being woken up by a particular radio station as the alarm in the morning!

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