Blogging 101: Getting Recognized

I have a feeling that I should’ve made this post at the beginning of the ‘Blogging 101’ series but whatever. Sadly, most WordPress blog that has just started out, aren’t recognized by the community and by Google. Today, we’re gonna talk about that and how you can get recognized by the community!

Early Times

One of the most difficult objectives in starting a blog is to grow AND keep your audience. For a beginner, growing your audience takes time and patience. You can’t expect people to flock over to your blog the moment you publish a new content! It takes weeks, months and even years to grow an audience.

Producing a lot of content and updating your blog regularly does NOT grow an audience. Growing an audience is art. You have to understand what the PEOPLE want. Sometimes, the quote, “the customer is always right,” isn’t so far-fetched. These are the key principles to keep in mind when growing your audience.

  • It takes time and effort to grow your audience! Don’t quit just because people aren’t interested in your post nor do they see it.
  • The harsh truth is that Google favors large blogs over smaller blogs. It’s pretty hard for people to see your blog if you just started! Say that you’ve made a blog about “Culinary Expertise.” If someone is interested in “Culinary Expertise,” he/she will most likely google it. If they do Google it, sadly, your small blog won’t be displayed on the first page! The first page will most likely be clad in bigger websites like “Time” and “Wall Street Journal”. And where is your tiny blog? Somewhere on the 10th page!
  • Keep posting content. Sooner or later, Google’s Search Engine will recognize your blog and start to display your blog on the first or second page.
  • See what people want! Follow the trend! Trending topics are 3x more likely to receive views than regular topics!

ADVERTISING word cloud, business concept

Getting Recognized

Getting recognized as a content creator may be difficult for beginners. Especially the fact that no one has ever seen nor knows about your existence. There are a few tactics on how to get recognized quickly! Long story short, social media and promotional events such as giveaways prove to be an extremely effective way to attract followers. Other methods could include advertising and interacting with other users. Specifically why I talk to people mainly through Twitter.screenshot-69.png

  • Comment, talk and communicate with larger content creators! Get to know them! Who knows? Maybe they’ll ask you to write a featured content (guest post) for them! Getting to know other content creators can contribute to the growth of your blog!
  • Promote your blog a little! E-mail people about your blog and talk to friends or relatives about your blog! But be careful! Nobody likes a spammer!
  • Social Media helps a lot! Promote your blog on Social Media such as Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Keep writing! Uploading content regularly proves to be a quick way for people to get to know you!

The fact still remains, to get recognized easily, you’ve just got to be a decent human being. Uncover new blogs and get to know other bloggers who share your interests! Keep writing and soon, maybe one day, you’ll grow as large as other bloggers!

6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Getting Recognized

  1. Very good informative post! Thanks a lot for that! The biggest amount of traffic I got on my website is from my livestream! But I just recently started following and reading other blogs. And in my opinion just interacting with the others is way more fun to get recognization.

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  2. Yeah indeed it is just so different compared to youtube or twitch. On wordpress everyone wants to help each other and on youtube or twitch they try to ruin you and break you haha

    Liked by 1 person

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