Later Level’s Christmas Collab: December 20th

Later Levels is hosting a Christmas Collaboration where bloggers near and far are invited to answer some cheery questions each day! Today, we’re gonna be answering December 20’s question! What’s your favorite Christmas gaming memory?

An Introduction to Mario Kart

Right, so in order to understand to understand what I’m about to explain to you, you’ve got to first understand what Mario Kart is. Basically, Mario Kart is a racing game made by Nintendo. It’s pretty much similar to Asphalt, except with items that can grant you advantages in the race. There, simple. The first, second and third person to cross the finish line first will be granted a score that will total up after 3 or 4 races to reveal the winner! Simple right? Wrong. It’s intense. Intense. So intense, most people start yelling at each other when playing! Not me though, I definitely don’t shout at people for hitting me off the track with a shell! Image result for mario kart

Christmas Memories…

So… Long story short, it’s a day or two before Christmas and me and several of my friends decided that it’d be best if we played a Lil’ Mario Kart. So we booted up the game from the PC,(yes, we were using an emulation program because we didn’t have a console at that time). We were tied with an even score of 28 and the last race would determine the victor. So we got to the point of the game where we were dead even and none of us had items. It was up to the game to decide who crossed the line first.

We were racing on the Mario Track,(I think that’s what it’s called), and we were neck and neck. We were approaching when suddenly…

“Windows is updating, please stand by”

We just sat there in silence as the rotating windows icon just sat there and cycled. Again and again, it cycled, we thought for a moment that Windows would just get over it and the game would resume. But no, guess what happened next!Image result for Windows 10 update
“Did the game resume and everything was fine?”

Nope. Instead of a happy ending to this story, something unspeakable happened that’ll turn your guts into liquid and turn you mad with rage.

“Windows is restarting now.”

And that marked the end of my Mario Kart days, at least, until Windows 10 would stop being such a little piece of sh- errr… Stop being such a little pieces of human excretion. Age appropriate!

Later Level’s Christmas Collaboration!

Christmas is now only a couple of weeks away and everyone is starting to get into the festive spirit. As the carol says, ‘tis the season to be jolly – and what better way to celebrate both this time of year and how awesome the WordPress community is than with a collaboration.

If you want to get in on the action, then head on over to Later Levels to join in on the community Christmas collab! ‘Tis the month to get cheery!

Get your creative Chrimbo groove on and join us in answering these 12 video-game-related questions. Simply post your responses on your site on the dates specified, and check your reader on those days to see how other bloggers have answered!Christmas, Santa, Father Christmas, laptop, writing


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