Later Level’s Christmas Collab: December 24th

Ughhh… Back to writing more posts. I’m now literally obligated to continue writing Later Level’s Christmas Collab’s answers because I signed up for this. Anyways, today, we’re gonna answer Later Level’s December 24th’s question! Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend to help Santa deliver his gifts?”

Portal 2 FTW

First off, before I reveal my completely original answer that I totally spent hours thinking about, let this be known that I’ve never played this game before. The video-game related item that I chose to give Santa a helping hand, is the portal gun from Portal 2. This, right here. Let me explain why. Good job Aperture Science, you’ve just made Santa’s job 10 times easier this Christmas.Image result for portal 2 portal gun

So, long story short, I guess Aperture Science made this device for a test or something, and it made it’s way to the wrong hands? I don’t know, I haven’t played the game at all. Basically, this gun can shoot an orange and blue portal that connects two spaces together. Seriously, if you don’t know how a portal works, why’re you even here?

Some Math Equations

Right, so I just had to put this part of the post here just to show you, people, how ridiculous the scenario is. Let me put it into perspective. Some fat dude that lives in the north pole does nothing for 364 days a year but suddenly has the mentality to get out of his bed and deliver 7 billion (roughly), presents in a single day. Let’s put that into perspective. Right, let’s do something mathematical equations.

24 hours is 1,440 minutes. (24 hours x 60 minutes = number of minutes in a day).

1,440 minutes is now 86,400 seconds. (1,440 minutes x 60 seconds = number of seconds in a day).

So there’re roughly 86,400 seconds in a day. Santa has exactly 86,400 seconds to deliver roughly 7 billion presents. Realistically, it’s damn impossible. Even eBay and Amazon combined can’t do this shit! But whatever yeah? Let’s keep on counting.

7,000,000,000 / 86,400 = 81,018. (7 billion people / 86,400 seconds = number of presents Santa has to deliver in a second to fulfill his duty).

So Santa has to deliver 81,018 or roughly 80,000 presents in a second to fulfill his duty. You sure this workshop is actually covered with snow? And not… y’know, for the sake of age-appropriateness, powder? Sorry, I just had to say it. Hah.

Later Level’s Christmas Collaboration!

Christmas is now only a couple of weeks away and everyone is starting to get into the festive spirit. As the carol says, ‘tis the season to be jolly – and what better way to celebrate both this time of year and how awesome the WordPress community is than with a collaboration.

If you want to get in on the action, then head on over to Later Levels to join in on the community Christmas collab! ‘Tis the month to get cheery!

Get your creative Chrimbo groove on and join us in answering these 12 video-game-related questions. Simply post your responses on your site on the dates specified, and check your reader on those days to see how other bloggers have answered!Christmas, Santa, Father Christmas, laptop, writing


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