The UBA Awards!

Well, this might come as a shock to the majority of you awesome lot and me as well, but I’ve recently been voted as a ‘Unique Blogger’ by a lovely lad, NekoJonez from Arpegi! Wow! I know right? What a shocker! Now, for my choices for the UBA awards and some questionairs!

Before We Get Started!

Unique Blogger Award.pngWowie! Thanks to NekoJonez, my blog has won its first award! Technically, a community award is chosen by an individual but who cares? The fact that someone thought my blog was half decent is amazing enough! So, if you’ve got a few minutes to spare and got nothing better to do, go on and visit NekoJonez’s website! You can visit it by clicking here! Right, now that we’ve got that part covered, let’s move on! I can’t get over the fact that I actually won an award for this blog! Thanks again to NekoJonez for the wonderful award!


Questions! Because why not?

Recently, NekoJonez asked the nominees to answer a few gaming-related questions he has prepared for us! The first ones up! NekoJonez asked…

  1. If you were able to erase all memories from one game to be able to fully experience it again, which game would it be and why?
  2. If you were allowed to help in the production of a game, which role would you take on and why? The role of producer, voice actor, writer, designer…?
  3. What is one of the earliest video game memories?

Now for the answers to these thoughtful questions!

  1. Honestly, if I’m completely honest with you lot, I would really love to re-play Undertale without the memory I had. Undertale is such a unique game and it’s really well made as well! Long story short, Undertale is a game where every decision changes the course of the game! Killed someone you’re not supposed to? Well, guess what? You’re gonna pay for that! The graphics aren’t the best, but really, graphics aren’t everything!Image result for undertale
  2. Right, well this might come in as a surprise to you as well, but I love to draw. Well, I used to draw a lot more then I do today but whatever. Back then, I used to regularly draw video game characters, monsters, anything that looked cool, I’d draw it. Apart from drawing, I also find animating quite interesting! So yes, if a video game developer came to me out of the blue one day and asked me to help them design a character, I’d be sold.Related image
  3. So, as I said a couple posts back, I didn’t really play games a lot as a kid although I was around when the likes of Tetris and Mario on Gameboy Advance came out. The earliest gaming memory I could remember was Tetris. I remember buying my first ever Gameboy Advance and spending countless hours playing Mario and Tetris on that. Then a couple years later or so, Pokemon Fire Red came out. I guess back then I was more of a Pokemon fanatic then I am today because I did not sleep when I got my hands on that GameboyImage result for pokemon fire red


It saddens me that I can only nominate so many people. If I could, I’d nominate the entire WordPress community because let’s be real for a second, you’re all wonderful people. Except for those content thieves who stole NekoJonez’s post. You guys suck. By the way, I have no clue whether or not these people have won a ‘Unique Blogger Award’ yet.

Red from The Well Red Mage

Game Tripper UK

I Played The Game


The Gaming Teacher

Kris & Rachel from Doublex Jump

The Gaming Diaries

The Dragon’s Tea Party!

  1. Display the award. (See above).
  2. Thank the individual(s) who have nominated you and include a link to their blog. A little promotion for their blog is also welcome.
  3. Answer the questions asked by the individual who has nominated you.
  4. Nominate an arbitrary number of bloggers and have them answer three questions you put forth to them.

Now, Answer these!

  1. If given the opportunity, what would you change about your favorite game?
  2. You’re forced to delete a genre in the game world. Any game in that certain genre will disappear and no games under that genre can be made. EVER. What genre would you delete?
  3. Contrary to number 2, the gaming world is shutting down. You can save 1 genre only. What genre would you save? The world can now only create games that fit into that genre. What genre is safe from destruction?

Final Words

Again, I’ve got to thank NekoJonez from Arpegi for nominating me to be a unique blogger. It has been a great honor to be nominated and honestly, I really thought that it’d be a year before anyone would even consider me as a worthy nominee. So again, thanks to NekoJonez. He’s a good lad.

PS: How’s the content thieves doin’? I hope you solve your plagiarized content problem soon!

PSS: If you thieves are reading this, you suck. Stealing other people’s content is uncool.

11 thoughts on “The UBA Awards!

  1. Nice read my man. About the thieves, well… I am so close now. I still have websites to take down but both have dmcas against it, so tick tock goes the clock. When everything is over, you will find an article on my blog with tips & tricks for combatting this.

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