Fallout 76 Proposed To Be Multiplayer

Unlike its predecessors, ‘Fallout 76’ has been proposed to be a large-scale multiplayer game allowing players to interact with one another. Experience one of the largest, most dynamic world ever generated by ‘Bethesda’ in the Fallout series and work together with other players to survive. Or not.

Fallout 76, To be a Trainwreck, or a Legend?

One of the newest features Bethesda has implemented in the new ‘Fallout 76,’are nuclear missiles. These deadly weapons of mass destruction can be accessed by any player. When launched, these missiles eradicate an entire area. No, obliterate is a more fitting word. After the initial blast, the area will be marked as a ‘High-Level Zone’ and generates rare and valuable materials, obtainable by any player who dares to venture deep into the area to collect them.Image result for fallout 76Each area/zone generated into the dynamic map is filled with unique materials and threats that roam the area. The newly developed lighting system in ‘Fallout 76’ is amazing, and sure to bring any eyes to tears when they witness the gorgeous landscape. Post-nuclear america has never been more of a tourist attraction then now!

Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime

The new ‘Fallout 76’ allows you to craft and create anywhere in the massive world, no thanks to your handy gadget, the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform! Use this little tool to create shelter for yourself, protecting you from the elements. You can even craft a trading post, allowing you to trade resources with other players, but beware! Not everyone is so keen to pay for their merchandise! The future of ‘Fallout 76’ is uncertain. But has Bethesda created a failure, or is the new ‘Fallout 76’ history in the making?Image result for fallout 76

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