Fortnite, Season 5 Brings Cars Into The Mix

First off, this game didn’t die as quickly as I thought it initially would. I’d expect ‘PUBG’ to retake their glorious rank in the ‘#1 Most Played Battle Royale Game,’ but then again, it seems as if the entire ‘Fortnite’ community would disagree with me on that one. But we’re not here to rant about ‘Fortnite’s’ success, we’re here to discuss Season 5!

The New Season 5 Desert Map

Before Season 5 was initially released, the ‘Fortnite’ community has been blowing up. Why? All because of a leaked photo of a supposed ‘desert map.’ But that’s not all! Apparently, ‘Epic Games’ thought it’d be a good idea to add, what seems like basically cars, into the already-chaotic game. So now you can drift and crash into people! As if being ‘Thanos the Stone Hoarder’ isn’t chaotic enough.Image result for fortnite season 5

Woah, Cars! Really?

So let’s delve deeper into the world of ‘Fortnite!’ Now with cars! The newly produced vehicle is called the ‘ATK,’ (AKA The All Terrain Kart! With a ‘K’). You can comfortably fit a few people into this car and drive through the battlefield in style! While you cruise through the countryside, your buddy can lay waste to the enemies by firing from the cart! Neat right?

At some point, the storm will change direction and shrink randomly, just like PUBG! Now, players can no longer camp the center, because the circle will now be able to change direction when shrinking!

-Season 5 Announcement

Image result for fortnite season 5 kart

Skins! Because, Why not?

‘Fortnite’ wouldn’t be ‘Fortnite’ without any skins, would it? Apart from the skins already present in the current season, ‘Epic Games’ decided to add some more! Soldiers, Vikings and so much more! So for a measly price of (Insert unreasonable amount for in-game skins that has no impact on the gameplay whatsoever), you can have your very own, not-so-exclusive soldier skin!

Jesus Christ. People actually pay for skins? I do not understand. You can not, in a million years, convince me that spending 20 bucks on in-game skins is reasonable.Image result for fortnite season 5


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