Everything Announced at ‘Minecon Earth’ 2018

It’s always exciting times for ‘Minecraft’ fans when news spring up from the ‘Mojang’ headquarters. This year, ‘Mojang’ announced some mind-blowing new features that they plan to implement in later versions!

Pillage ‘N’ Plunder!

“What happened? The village was plundered? By who? Who dares cross I, the noble and handsome ‘Steve?’ Who? Tell me?” Apparently, a lot of people. In ‘Minecon Earth,’ ‘Mojang’ announced that they will implement pillagers and their beasts in later updates. “What’re pillagers?” you ask. ‘Pillagers’ will be a new mob implemented in future ‘Minecraft’ updates. Much like vikings in ‘Norway,’ these ‘Pillagers’ will go from village to village, plundering and launching assaults on unsuspecting villagers! And they won’t come at you bearing swords and axes. They come bearing a new form of weapon, unseen to the ‘Minecraft’ world throughout the years! That’s right! Crossbows! Low firing speed, high destructive power. But to challenge these brutal ‘pillagers,’ you’ll need to craft a crossbow of your own!

New designs of villagers from different biomes. From top left to the right: Librarian, butcher, cleric, cartographer, leather worker, and fletcher. From bottom left to the right: Shepard, farmer, fisher, armorer, toolsmith and weaponsmith. 

-Future ‘Minecraft’ designs of ‘Villagers’ in future updates

Bringing ‘Asia’ to You!

Yep, that’s right folks! Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any ‘Samurais’ or ‘Orochis’ (‘For Honor’ anyone?) anytime soon. But, you’ll be seeing something a lot better! That’s right! Pandas will be coming to you soon! So now, instead of visiting your local zoo and paying a fee of however much to come and see a couple of boring pandas, you can do it from the comfort of your own home! In ‘Minecraft!’ Woop! As if that’s not amazing enough, ‘Mojang’ will be introducing new breeds of cats!


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