PC Users Plaguing P.U.B.G Mobile

Taking a PC game that takes one hell of a computer to run at a steady even 30 FPS, and transforming that into an ‘Android’ game is quite impressive. Especially when you don’t need one of ‘NASA’s’ mobile phones to run it.

Bots, Bots, Bots

When ‘P.U.B.G Mobile’ was initially released, the player base wasn’t all crazy about it. To cope with the low number of players in each match, ‘Bluehole’ decided to add however many bots it took to bring the total number of players in a match to an 100. In the end, you can have a match with about 10 legitimate players, and about 90 bots. Y’see what I mean? The match just becomes stale quicker then a cheese left out to dry throughout the night. And to top it all off, it’s not just, “those one or two matches,” as some people claim, it’s every match.

It’s like going up against another player with a mouse and keyboard, when you’re using an ‘XBOX’ controller.

-Frustrated Player

Image result for pubg mobile for pc is unfair

PC Controls > Android Controls

It’s generally unfair, and in almost every encounter, the PC user comes out on top. Why? Try playing an FPS game with a mouse & keyboard, then switch over to a controller. You feel the difference? It takes longer to aim, to micro-adjust, to play better. These PC users aren’t just dropping in once in a while, it happens a lot more frequently. From personal experience, about 9/10 times, the last 10 players will be PC users. True story. Various articles have been published already. Websites such as KotakuTech Times, and PC Games have aired their frustration, but it seems that ‘Bluehole’ isn’t listening, or honestly doesn’t care. Probably the latter.Image result for pubg mobile for pc is unfairAnd how are PC players gaining access to an android-restricted app? Emulators such as ‘Bluestack’ have made it possible to emulate an entire phone in your computer. Yes! ‘Tencent’ has even created an emulator specifically designed to run the game! And honestly, I don’t see a way ‘Bluehole’ can stop people from playing an android game from their PC’s.


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