Blogging 101: Setting Standards

In blogging, standards exist to regulate the quality of one’s blog’s content. Without standards, you can essentially publish, whatever, whenever but at what cost? 10 badly-written posts do not match the quality of a well-written, well-researched, chronologically constructed post.

Standards Exist for a Reason

A standard, as ‘Google’ defines it, is: a level of quality or attainment that is accepted as average / normal. You see standards being posed forth every day in business. For instance, when buying a back-pack, more often then occasionally, the tag usually contains a note that states, “Zipper has been tested over 100,000 times,” that tries to coax you to purchase the product. This states that the business has a standard when producing zippers for the backpacks. The zipper has to be able to withstand 100,000 trials for the product to be marked as ‘acceptable.’arts, build, close-upMuch like a blog, businesses set standards to regulate the quality of their product to ensure that their customers are receiving a product that the majority of their demographic sees as ‘acceptable.’ You wouldn’t want to purchase a bag and have it break down a week later, now would you?

standard is a level of quality or achievement, especially a level that is thought to be acceptable.

‘Collins’ Dictionary

Standards in Blogging

To ensure that your standard doesn’t slowly degrade, and thus lowering the satisfaction of your readers, your content needs to be constant. Trust me when I say, when a reader sees that the content of a blog starts to degrade, or the quality of writing seems to worsen, they’re slowly losing interest in your blog. There are a few methods to keep your content’s quality regulated.

  • This might seems like procrastinating, but don’t force yourself to blog. Trust me. Your viewers would rather wait an extra day for quality content then receive a badly-written content now.
  • Be a perfectionist. If you’re not satisfied with your quality of writing, trust me, your audience will not as well.
  • Grammar and spelling matters. Please, please, please, re-check before publishing.

I’m not saying your content is terrible, nor is it perfect. Everyone has different standards. Here’s a little tip, once you see your content’s quality start to worsen, stop, drop, and, blur, business

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